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Robbie Williams @ Glastonbury'98

Everyone around you felt the same. Yes, the so called "fat dancer from Take That" was set to come on stage... you were just there to see it happen. Four years before the boy band image he had was a million miles away from the muddy, rain sodden ground you were in in a field in Wiltshire.

As soon as the intro to "Let me entertain you" came on, everyone knew it... and on came Robbie. I hated Take That yet I liked Robbie's solo stuff, not loads, but enough to see him perform live at Glasto. As we have come to known him as a smug cocky git... Robbie came on and lapped up every bit, he revelled in the atmosphere, and the crowd were souped up into his performance.

"I am Robbie Williams, You'd be Glastonbury.... and I, AM SH*TTING MYSELF!"...

He was absolutely brilliant! Everytime I see him on TV and think "You overpaid cocky smug git from Tunstall", I think back to that day in June '98 when it didnt piss it down for once during the weekend. I went out and bought Life Thru a Lens as soon as I got home.

By the way... what happened to Gomez? I saw them twice there (they were on twice for some reason) and I haven't heard owt from them in ages.

Second one-

Well I didn't think I was going to a gig for this one, I was 12 years old. My mum and dad (when they were still my mum and dad) said we had to go out to a new pub with their friends. And I was like "hmph, do I have to?" and they were like "YES... now get into some clothes and come on".

So off we went towards Derby... I thought we were just going to some bar and I would have a few cokes and get bored...

Anyway my dad says "We'll park in the Assembly Rooms car park"... and I see a big queue outside, hmm, wonder what that was for?

In five minutes time we had joined this queue. I asked "Is this pub in the Assembly Rooms complex?" and my dad said "Well it's so new we need a ticket".

He handed me this ticket. It said "Prodigy, doors open 8.30". Oh my f**king God...

Total surprise, I was going to see my favourite band ever live... it was quality, my first ever gig and I didn't know nothing about it! Iin my excitement I was going mental, I was twelve, it was my first gig, I didnt know what else to do. Loved every minute of it. They didn't play "Out Of Space" though which annoyed me, but the new tune they had called Firestarter was etched in my head when I left, when it became a single I bought it, as did loads of other people and it got to number one.
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