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What's Kim and Lleyton's favoured food when visiting Kim's grandparents?

  • a) pancakes

    Votes: 24 53.3%
  • b) french fries

    Votes: 6 13.3%
  • c) minced-meat balls with black-cherries

    Votes: 6 13.3%
  • d) sausages with red cabbage

    Votes: 9 20.0%
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KaseyL said:
New installment in our series:

This time I'd like to take you all to a very important topic: FOOD :lick: (Kim is a Belgian after all, so what would our quizlet series be without at least one culinary question? :angel: ;) )

Here we go:

What's Kim and Lleyton's favourite food when they pay a visit to Kim's grandparents?

According to the grandparents own quotes, do they serve them:

a) pancakes


b) french fries


c) minced-meat balls with black-cherries


d) sausages with red cabbage


Vote! :devil:

One little hint :angel: : Kim has said in interviews in Belgian press that she doesn't like "hotel food", how she's dying for Belgian cuisine...
so take your pick! :devil:

Good luck and please keep in mind:
- no spoilers whatsoever; just your answer, and no posting of the answer in advance!
- don't forget to post your answer; I can't take it into account for the extra competition otherwise
- the quizlet will run for two weeks
I voted :yes:
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