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IQT ReVoLuTiOn a game about tennis,

a SIMULATION of the ATP and WTA Tours

You just have to take quizzes

Each quiz corresponds to a real tournament

You score points...

...and will be in the ranking

Note to the administration and the members: the website where you are redirected is not a discussion forum, but only a platform hosting the quizmaker. The game was created by me and other tennis fans, for tennis fans, and we do not receive money from ads or anything, as we do not have ads. The IQT platform is free and dependent on the tennis forums it serves.

The annoucements will be posted here. Tennis fans keep posting on their respective forums. The IQT is only a platform where the quizmaker is hosted and information given. We needed a separate platform because all the details cannot fit in in one topic, and because the game is proposed to several tennis forums. Thank you for your understanding :worship:

Special thanks to Dexter who told me I could make this thread to make it possible for you to play it :wavey:


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Sign up for E.W.T.A.​
Expensive Women's Tennis Association

How to join
Joining this game is EASY, just select a active WTA top 150 player or a retired well-known player, sign-up her name here. Each WTAworld member can sign-up 2 players in this game.

Sending points
Sending points is also EASY too. You just need to spread A-L and $ into 13 parts for 3 sets
($ can win every letters)
(If both players sent the same letter(Even $) in that particular game of the match, there’ll be coin-toss.)
(Remember this: $>A>B>C>D>E>F>G>H>I>J>K>L)
(If you have two players in this game, you need to send DIFFERENT points for each player)


Tatiana Golovin's points
Set 1: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-$
Set 2: B-C-D-E-F-G-$-H-I-J-K-L-A
Set 3: C-D-E-F-G-H-$-I-J-K-L-A-B

Ana Ivanovic's points
Set 1: $-A-B-C-D-L-K-J-I-H-G-F-E
Set 2: A-B-L-K-D-C-$-E-F-G-H-I-J
Set 3: C-D-E-F-G-H-$-I-J-K-L-B-A

The match's result: Ivanovic wins 6-3(In I, Ivanovic wins the coin-toss) 6-2(In $, Ivanovic wins the coin-toss)

If you get any questions in sending points, you can PM me or just type your problem in this thread, i will reply you)

In doubles, the scoring system is the same. We only require 1 player to send points per team. Daniela-Is-Mine is the doubles manager, if you had any questions in doubles, please contact for further information. Mixed doubles will be run by dementievevenus, just in four slams!!

Just the same as WTA calender

Buying eqipments
You need to buy equipments before you play a match, if you didn't, you will get a score walkover in that match, because you didn't have a tennis racquets and wear clothes!!The shop thread: You need to pay money to buy them!!

The ranking system is just the same as WTA's, except the 1st round, players can get 10 points in first round. The ranking's thread:

If a player don't send new points for 4 weeks, she will retire!!

Taken players
Player's name(Coach's name)
Jelena Jankovic(Hashim.)
Margalita Chakhnashvili(საქართველო )
Elena Dementieva(salvatore)
Edina Gallovits(საქართველო )
Kim Clijsters(Hashim.)
Maria Kirilenko(droolv3)
Tatjana Malek(Patch)
Anne Keothavong(Patch)
Francesca Schiavone(Medina)
Virginia Ruano Pascual(Medina)
Ana Ivanovic(dAdEx)
Agnieszka Radwanska(dAdEx)
Marta Domachowska(Natash.)
Daniela Hantuchova(Daniela-Is-Mine)
Venus Williams(young_gunner913)
Marion Bartoli(dementievavenus)
Anna Chakvetadze(wtatommo)
Agnes Szavay(Daniela-Is-Mine)
Victoria Azarenka(zvonarevarulz)
Vera Zvonareva(zvonarevarulz)
Tatiana Golovin(wtatommo)
Gisela Dulko(salvatore)
Justine Henin(Buitenzorg)
Iveta Benesova(Kai)
Maria Sanchez Lorenzo(Kai)
Tamarine Tanasugarn(KevRulz09)
Bethanie Mattek(KevRulz09)
Shahar Peer(young_gunner913)
Martina Hingis(Buitenzorg)
Dominika Cibulkova(Natash.)
Na Li(dewvios)
Shuai Peng(dewvios)
Svetlana Kuznetsova(Karat0589)
Paola Suarez(Ian!.)
Maria Emilia Salerni(Ian!.)
Angelika Rosech(Highlandman)
Martina Muller(Highlandman)
Maria Sharapova(Shafanovic)
Caroline Wozniacki(Lord Jinxy)
Serena Williams(GracefulVenus)
Lindsay Davenport(GracefulVenus)
Aravane Rezai(dementievavenus)
Nicole Vaidisova(champion88)
Camille Pin(dulkogii)
Jorgelina Cravero(dulkogii)
Alize Cornet(Dizon2929)
Alona Bondarenko(Dizon2929)

Sign-up NOW!!!
P.S.: New players who joined can use AN EXTRA $ each sets in her first tournament(But no L)​

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Q-Ball is a new game that has been piloted at this years WTA Italian Open qualification tournament and is really simple to play.

Game starts on Friday (or date when WTA qualifying draws are released); all you have to do is:

Guess who the qualifiers are and who they beat in the final round of qualifying (through analysing the draw)

Points are awarded for:
7 - for guessing each correct qualifier and the player they beat to qualify
5 - for guessing each qualifier
4 - for guessing both players in each final qualifying match (but not the correct winner)
2 - for guessing one correct player in the final qualifying match

We already have our first ranking list out - check the Italian Open thread!

So please join in the game this Friday for the Istanbul and Strasboug Q-Ball.

As of now you can play both events, but your ranking will only count your best score that week!

Enjoy the game!

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Welcome to Woman and Men Tour !

WTA Tour

Point System:
-Rank surfaces: clay, grass, hardcourt, indoors
-215 points best surface, 210 2nd, 205 3rd, 200 4th
-Take your point total and for each set, divide that many points into 13 games (like FWTL)
-Example: 200 points
Set 1: 20-20-20-20-20-20-20-20-20-20-00-00-00
Set 2: 15-15-15-15-15-15-10-20-20-20-20-20-00
Set 3: 05-05-05-05-05-05-20-30-30-30-20-20-20
-Whoever has the most points in one game, wins that game. First to 6 games, win by 2, wins the set
-In the event of a tie, a cointoss will be done for the first tie, then it will alternate who wins the game

Tiebreaker Scores:
Point Difference: score
10: 7-0
9: 7-1
8: 7-2
7-6: 7-3
5-4: 7-4
3-2: 7-5
1: 8-6
same points: 9-7

-There will be 34 tournaments per year
YEC Championships (200 points for everyone)

ATP Tour

Point System:
-Rank the 4 surfaces like above, 215 on 1st, 210 on 2nd, 205 on 3rd, 200 on 4th
-Split those points into 3 sets. Example: 200: 50-50-100. Whoever has more points in a set wins that set, point difference makes the score vary (like FWTT but with more points)
-If 2 players have the same points in a set, the player who has more points total on that surface wins the set. If that's tied, the higher ranked player wins the set.

Set Score:
Point Difference: Score
101+: 6-0
81-100: 6-1
61-80: 6-2
41-60: 6-3
21-40: 6-4
11-20: 7-5
1-10: 7-6
Tiebreaker Scores:
10: 7-0
9: 7-1
8: 7-2
7-6: 7-3
5-4: 7-4
3-2: 7-5
1: 8-6
same points: 9-7

-There will be 24 tournaments per year

-Rankings will be 21 weeks, and you are entered into each tournament. If you don't play, you get a 0
-No quality points
-The next year, you have points to defend

It has been attached to this post. Let me know if you have problems seeing it, it is in PDF format.

Signing Up
-You are aloud to have 1 WTA Tour and 1 ATP Tour player. You can play both tours or just 1, but you cannot have more than 1 player on either tour.
-Just post your 2 players here and their surface preferences!

Doubles and Mixed Doubles,
you send in 100 points for your team, split into 3 sets. In Doubles and Mixed Doubles you have a super tiebreak set.

No points difference = Coin toss = 13-11, 14-12...
1-5 point difference = 12-10
6-10 point difference = 11-9
11-15 point difference = 10-8
16-20 point difference = 10-7
21-25 point difference = 10-6
26-30 point difference = 10-5
31-35 point difference = 10-4
36-40 point difference = 10-3
41-45 point difference = 10-2
46-50 point difference = 10-1
51+ point difference =10-0

You can ask a WC into the tournament, if you`re not in the maindraw, before the first results are out.

This game is the continuation of WMTF

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The Simple Bit
* Every match has five sets.
* 100 points to spread for every match.
* 5 questions to answer.
* Questions same for every round.

How it Works
* At every tournament there will be a set of 5 questions.
* You send me the answers to the questions.
* You also spread 100 points over the five questions.
* If you get the question correct and your opponent does not, you win the set 6-0
* If you and your opponent both get the questions correct or both get the question incorrect, whoever has the most points placed on the question win the set.

Example of Questions

Example Of Match

Player A
1- (20 Points) (Answer- Maria Sharapova)
2- (40 Points) (Answer- Serena Williams)
3- (40 Points) (Answer- Stuttgart)

Player B
1- (30 Points) (Answer- Caroline Wozniacki)
2- (20 Points) (Answer- Serena Williams)
3- (50 Points) (Answer- Linz)

So Who Wins?
1- Winner: Player B, Caroline Wozniacki was the correct answer, Maria Sharapova was incorrect.
2- Winner: Player A, Serena Williams was correct (both players were correct), player A wins as he/she had more points on this set.
3- Winner: Player A, Stuttgart was the correct answer, Linz was inncorrect.

Player A Wins: 2-1

* Note: Usual Matches would be 5 questions (5 Sets)

01- WTA Auckland (Grade 2)
02- WTA Sydney (Grade 1)
03- Australian Open (Grade A)
04- WTA Dubai (Grade 1)
05- WTA Indian Wells (Grade A)
06- WTA Miami (Grade A)
07- WTA Stuttgart (Grade 1)
08- WTA Berlin (Grade 1)
09- Roland Garros (Grade A)
10- WTA Eastbourne (Grade 1)
11- Wimbledon (Grade A)
12- WTA Bastad (Grade 2)
13- WTA Warsaw (Grade 2)
14- WTA Stanford (Grade 2)
15- WTA Los Angeles (Grade 1)
16- WTA Toronto (Grade 1)
17- US Open (Grade A)
18- WTA Quebec City (Grade 2)
19- WTA Tokyo (Grade 1)
20- WTA Linz (Grade 2)
21- WTA Moscow (Grade 1)

WTA Year End Championships

Chip 'n Charge
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...scissors, paper, or rock?
you decide....
childhood game brought to the tennis world...

Basic and very easy to play!

1.Sign-Up with your player in top 200 or former top 100. (1 or 2 players)

2.Send Points! Make this the best and exciting game by putting effort to send.

In a game game you have 3 sets, and each set will have 13 games; these 13 games will consist of (4) scissors, (4) papers, (4) rocks, and 1 (X).
The (X) will represent an ace.

S beats P
P beats R
R beats S
X beats S, P, & R
In the event of a tie, there will be a cointoss.

The winner is the best of 3 sets.

Arrange your scissors paper rocks for each set.
Your points should look something like this:

Maria Sharapova
Set 1: p-s-s-x-p-r-p-r-r-s-r-p-s
Set 2: s-r-p-r-p-s-p-x-s-r-p-s-r
Set 3: r-x-s-p-p-r-s-r-s-p-p-s-r

Akiko Morigami
Set 1: r-x-p-s-r-s-r-s-p-s-p-r-p
Set 2: r-p-p-s-p-x-s-s-r-s-p-r-r
Set 3: r-s-p-s-r-s-p-x-r-p-r-s-p

3.Send the Points to artur0ace or whoever is running the tourney and they will score the match.

In the case above,
Sharapova def. Morigami 6-1 3-6 6-1

and that's it! hopefully you win the tourney.
so send the best points you can!

Sign-up Now!

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Women's Challenge Tennis Tour

How to join?
-You must choose one or two players and it can be any player ranked currently in the top 100 or any player formerly ranked in the top 20 or any juniors grand slam winner (exceptions could be make; just ask and I tell you if you can be that player)

Just the same schedule as 2009 calendar.

Sending points
Now comes the funniest of all things. You must send points by pm to me and they are different for every surface (Plexicushion, Clay, Grass, Hard and Indoor). Each surface as a style identical to some well known games on the board.

Plexicushion – LTT style
Clay – WTL style
Grass – FWTA style
Hard – OWTT style
Indoor – EWTA style

LTT Style

If you used to play LTT, it's exactly the same. All you just need to do is spread 1 to 13 into 13 parts for 3 sets. The person who has the highest number in each game wins that game.

Tie Breaks:
7-6(10-8) CT* 0 points diference
7-6(6) 1
7-6(5) 2
7-6(4) 3
7-6(3) 4
7-6(2) 5
7-6(1) 6
7-6(0) 7

WTL style

You split 300 points into the rounds like 1st round, 2nd round, QF, SF, F. Everyone's 1st round points are used in the first round and etc.
To decide the set scores there will be used a table.

over 60 -6-1,6-0
50-59 - 6-3,6-3
40-49 - 7-5,7-6
30-39 - 5-7,6-2,6-2
20-29 - 7-5,4-6,6-1
10-19 - 6-3,3-6,6-3
under 10 - 7-5,6-7,7-5

FWTA style

You have to divide 100 points into 3 sets.

Points difference
0 - 7-6(7 or higher)*
1 - 7-6(6)
2 - 7-6(5)
3 - 7-6(4)
4 - 7-6(3)
5 - 7-6(2)
6 - 7-6(1)
7 - 7/6(0)
8-14 - 7-5
15-24 - 6-4
25-34 - 6-3
35-44 - 6-2
45-54 - 6-1
55+ - 6-0

OWTT style

You split the numbers 1-39 into 13 games of 3 sets. The player with the highest number in each game will win that game, with a CT deciding equal numbers, with all CT’s being random. All of the numbers 1-39 must be used, each being used ONCE only

TB scores will be done with the points difference:-
0 (CT) (11-9 or more)
1-2 (10-8)
3-4 (8-6)
5-8 (7-5)
9-15 (7-4)
16-19 (7-3)
20-24 (7-2)
+30 (7-0)

EWTA style

You just need to split A-L and $ into 13 parts for 3 sets. If both players sent the same letter in that particular game of the match, there’ll be coin-toss.
(Remember this: $>A>B>C>D>E>F>G>H>I>J>K>L). If you have two players in this game, you need to send DIFFERENT points for each player.​

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Tennis RPG

Tennis RPG is a new type of game where you slowly develop your player into a match winning machine. You will start a player from scratch, and if you're lucky and skilled enough you will soon be a Grand Slam winning billionaire.

Basic info

When you join Tennis RPG, you automatically become a full time player. Each week, you automatically enter a tournament, and the results are automatically simulated. So you could play this game without doing anything.

Advanced info

However, if you want to succeed, you will need to get involved. Your player has a total of six "stats" that you will want to upgrade:

- Serve (increases strength in service games)
- Return (increases strength in return games)
- Attack (increases overall strength, shortens rallies)
- Defense (increases overall strength, lengthens rallies)
- Stamina (determines how quickly your player tires)
- Status (indicates how much your player has achieved and can intimidate the opponent)

The start value of each stat is 100. You can earn stat points by doing well in tournaments, and also by getting involved in Tennis RPG quests and events, which range from guessing tournament winners on the real life WTA tour, to battling wicked monsters from the depths of hell.

You can't upgrade your Status yourself; you earn this when you reach certain levels of total prize money, or when you win important tournaments.


These are small tasks that will get you a reward, usually in the form of stat points. You can only do them once, but they remain valid indefinitely. So new players should immediately finish all available quests to become as strong as possible!

Repeatable quests

These are tasks that can be repeated weekly or monthly.


The tournament schedule is similar to the real life WTA Tour. You enter tournaments automatically, and you're ranked based on how you perform in them. You don't have to send in points or do anything to play them; your matches are simulated by a computer program, and your chances to win are based on your player's stat points, and equipment if you have acquired some.


An event occurs only once. New players can't participate in past events. Events can be additional tournaments with special conditions, the rising of a monster that needs to be defeated (on court), etc. You should always check the forum for new events, and participate!

The future

Tennis RPG is a game that will be constantly in development. Because of the nature of the game, new things can be added all the time. I am also working on a website that will make it a lot easier to view draws, rankings and character profiles. The more people play, the more motivated I will be to bring you new features!

Signing up

Even if you don't plan to actively play, I would love for you to sign up just so the draws can be a little more full. All you need to do is pick a female celebrity to represent you, distribute some stat points, and you're good to go! Head to the forum now and join! :wavey:

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Numbers Tennis Tour

Welcome to the Number Tennis Tour sign-up thread! Here you can sign up for the best game with the best players of the game!

How to play

For to join you must to chose two players:
  1. Women current or retired well-known professional tennis player, that has been ranked with in the TOP 150 on WTA Tour.
  2. Men current or retired well-know professional tennis player, that has been ranked with in the TOP 150 on ATP Tour.

Sending points

To play the game and win matches all you have to do is send in a list of 1 to 13 in numbers. The person who has the highest number in each section of the 1-13 numbers wins a game of the set.


Player A send

1st set: 10-12-8-13-11-9-5-7-4-3-2-1-6

Player B send

1st set: 5-6-7-8-9-4-3-1-2-13-10-12-11

Player A - 1st set: 1012-8-13-11-9-5-7-4-3-2-1-6
Player B - 1st set: 9-13-12-10-5-4-2-11-8-7-6-3-1

Player B winner First Set 7-5


7-6(0) 7+
7-6(1) 6+

7-6(2) 5+

7-6(3) 4+

7-6(4) 3+

7-6(5) 2+

7-6(6) 1+

7-6(8) CT*



You must send points by pm to me and they are different for each player (famale and male)
Please, send new points at least in each 4 (four) weeks. If a player don't send new points for 4 weeks, she will be retired.


To be added You'll to be automatically in all the events.

Coin Toss

If both players sent the same point in that particular game of the match, there’ll be coin-toss. If there is more then ONE 'CT' in each set, it will then be 'ALTERNATE CT'S' to be fair to all players.


The rankings will be work like WTA and ATP Rankings.


Write articles and receive a bonus for the next week. we have a competiton to let the players that write articles to get some really good prize. Prizes:

An extra 12 in each sets instead of a 1

Runner-ups: An extra 10 in each sets instead of a 1
Others (min. two articles): An extra 5 in each sets instead of a 1

Sign-Up now!

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Smiley Tennis Tour
Where winners rule and losers drool​

How To Play​
1. Pick any WTA Players past or present ranked in the top 250.

To play the game and win matches all you do is send smileys in sets of 13 for 3 sets.
How it works: :D>:)>;)>:bounce:>:drool:>:lol:>:lick:>:confused:>:rolleyes:>:eek:>:mad:>:eek:>:devil:

To be added You'll to be automatically in all the events. We'll use the Tier System and some old evennts will be brung back.

Coin Toss​
If both players sent the same point in that particular game of the match, there’ll be coin-toss. If there is more then ONE 'CT' in each set, it will then be 'ALTERNATE CT'S' to be fair to all players.

The rankings will be work like WTA and ATP Rankings.​

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1. Chose both a male and female player. (Any past or present WTA/ATP player)

2. Select your top 2 surfaces. Your choices are Plexicusion, Clay, Grass, Hard, and Indoors. For your no.1 surface you get to replace the Ace in your points with an additional wild card. For your 2nd surface you get to replace the Ace in your points with an additional 10.

2. You have 13 cards to divide into 13 games for 3 sets.

Every three weeks a card will be randomly selected to be wild for the tournaments played within those three weeks. This card will beat every card. A new wild card will be always be chosen before each grand slam.

Scoring Order:


WILD CARD>everything else

Scoring Examples:

5's are wild and and both players are playing on a surface other than their top 2.

If the following cards were sent,Player 1 would win the set 6/4.

Player 1: A-7-8-4-Q-10-2-J-5-9-K-3-6
Player 2: J-K-2-8-4-6-5-7-Q-A-10-9-3

6's are wild and both players are playing on there no.1 surface

If the following cards were sent,Player 2 would win the set 6/4.

Player 1: 6-7-8-4-Q-10-2-J-5-9-K-3-6
Player 2: J-K-2-8-4-6-5-7-Q-6-10-9-3

7's are wild and both players are playing on there no.2 surface

If the following cards were sent,Player 2 would win the set 6/4.

Player 1: 6-7-8-4-Q-10-2-J-5-9-K-3-10
Player 2: J-K-2-8-4-3-5-7-Q-10-10-9-6

A complete set of points on a surface not in your top 2 should look something like this. (with your own order for the cards of course)
Set 1: A-7-8-4-Q-10-2-J-5-9-K-3-6
Set 2: J-K-2-8-4-6-5-7-Q-A-10-9-3
Set 3: A-7-8-4-Q-10-2-9-K-J-3-5-6

You only need to send one set of points. Your set of points will be used for both your male and female player (unless you want to send two separate sets).The mens events will be 5 sets. For each match will decide which two of your three sets will be used for sets 4 and 5 (this will be done separately for each player). Please do not send five sets. If you do I will only use the first three sets.

3. I will alternate CTs.

Ex: If player 1 were to win the initial CT, player 2 would win the 2nd CT, player 1 would win the 3rd CT and so on.

4.Whomever writes the most articles for each week, will get +15% extra ranking points for that week.

5. Send all points to me by PM.

6. Ask any questions you may have.

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Please note that the game is played in Dutch.

You are the manager of a team of tennis players. Try to get a top team by making the right transfers and follow the countdown in the top 200 legend list. The strength of a player in the game is related to his/her ranking points in real life, so investing in youth might be a good idea for the future. The matches themselves are simulated.

The game is running well for a year and a half, but we could do with some more managers. Are you interested? Become a member and follow the instructions on our site.

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FWCT: Fantasy Womens Challenger Tour

This game is based on the game FWTT :

-Create a player, it does not need to be real!

-You have to choose between 3 surfaces: The first surface you choose will have 110 points, the second will have 105 points and the final surface will have 100 points.

1st Surface: Hard 110
2nd Surface: Clay 105
3rd Surface: Grass 100

-However, unlike FWTT, this game will be played with ITF tournaments. Each week their will be a minimum of 1 tournament.

Entry to Tournament:
Each Month, there will be a commitment list for the next month. If a player misses this commitment list, they can PM me to get a WC or a ALT.

The Rankings are based on the level of tournament and it will be determined by the current ITF points distribution.

Each week there will be a new thread for the weeks rankings
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