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Set Point Game

I created today new SET POINT GAME

Basic rules:

No commitments are necessary for the tournaments. Post your picks in the thread before start of first match, and you IN!


If you correctly predict 2-1 win of WTA worse ranked player - you reach 6 pts for that correct pick.

If you correctly predict 2-0 win of WTA worse ranked player - you reach 5 pts for that correct pick.

If you correctly predict 2-1 win of WTA better ranked player - you reach 4 pts for that correct pick.

If you correctly predict 2-0 win of WTA better ranked player - you reach 3 pts for that correct pick.

You have posibility to use "JOKERS" ("X", "X-X", "joker") if you don’t want tip some match (you have right to use this posibiliti not more than 1/4 of some round matches - maximum 16 times in 64 matches of R128, maximum 8 times in 32 matches of R64, maximum 4 times in R32, maximum 2 times in R16, maximum 1 time in QF, and no right to use "jokers" in SF round or Final match) and for all of that "joker" picks you always reach 2 pts.

If you incorrectly predict 2-0 win of some player - and if she win 2-1 you reach 1 pts "lucky loser" bonus for that incorrect pick. Also, If you incorrectly predict 2-1 win of some player - and if she win 2-0 or lose 2-1 you reach 1 pts "lucky loser" bonus for that incorrect pick.

If you incorrectly predict 2-0 win of some player - and if she lose, you reach 0 pts for that incorrect pick. If you incorrectly predict 2-1 win of some player - and if she lose 2-0, you reach 0 pts for that incorrect pick.
Also, if you late to send your pick for some match or use more "jokers" than you have right for that round (maximum 1/4 of number of that round matches) you reach 0 pts for all that’s tips.

Cases of retirement:
If some player retire before match start or when she lead 1-0 - that match is not count!
If some player retire in first set or when score is 1-0 for opposit player - that match counted like 2-0 win for opposite player!
If some player retire in third set - that match counted like 2-1 win for opposite player!

After each round I will update the standings with the points you receive for your picks.


At the end of the each tournament, you will receive ranking points based on where you are in the rankings.
The ranking points you get will be based on the Ranking Points the WTA Players receive for the round they make.
The actual rankings will be calculated after each tournament, and will
be done like the WTA Rankings(except the fact that all tourneys you play in count). They will run on a 12 month system, and you will lose points exactly 12 months after you gain them if you do not defend them. This will help keep the game close and more realistic.
There will also be Race Rankings, which will be accumulated from the first tournament up until the last tournament before the YEC.
The top 8 will make the YEC. After the Year-End Championships, the points will reset and everyone will start the next year from 0.

...etc ...etc

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First and foremost this is NOT another game where you distribute points

Women's Team Tennis - the season

How the game works:

You must pick 13 number between 1-100 and cannot repeat them in the same set
set 1: 1-6-80-45-30-90-25-3-65-33-96-100
set 2: 2-7-54-34-87-56-99-6-65-29-98-52
set 3: 3-1-44-29-14-15-86-9-43-42-85-77

Your points will be put up against another players. The runners (myself and danfan) will then select a number randomly between 1-100 whoever is closer wins the game. If there is a tie there will be a coin toss

There is also surface preference: this means you get 3 "winners" to use in each match NOT SET, a winner automatically wins the game unless they are both winners in the same game in which case a coin toss will decide

How to start
1. Select a Top 200 player or a famous player from the past i.e. Seles,Coetzer
2. You and 3 teamates will make a team and will compete with other teams in fed cup fashion, but you don't have to be from the same country. Your team will select a surface preference.
3. Determine your order each player will compete in singles and 2 of them will also compete in the doubles match

I am hoping to get 32 players if not we will work things out

See thread for more info

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Join the WRTT​
My game could look very similar as other were you distribute points BUT in my game you don't choose only a name but a player, what I mean by that is that if you choose Kim Clijsters or Margit Ruutel there will be a difference! Every girls as a certain amount of points to divide in 3 sets and 13 games depending of their ranking on the WTA. For the ranking, there's another big difference cause on my game every girls start with a certain amount of point in the ranking so we won't see Aleksandra Wozniak as world number 1 after the first week. If you want more details just go see!

Join Please :)

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PTF - Predict the finalists
Hello and welcome to Predict the finalists in Sofia this week
This game is very simple, basically every week I will pick an itf senior (either a 10k, 25k, 50k or 75k) tournament at random and all you have to do is pick the 8 Quarter-Finalists, 4 Semi-Finalists, the Losing Finalist and Winner - simple as that. This must be done before the start of the first round. If you choose a player who withdraws before the main draw starts then it will be replaced by a player a 'R1' (replacement player)

Send your picks in the following format please

Losing Quarter Finalists: A Bc, B cd, C, De, D Ef
Losing Semi Finalists: E Fg, F Gh
Losing Finalist: G Hi
Winner: H Ij
or similar

Points are awarded as follows;
Quarterfinalist correct: 20 per player
Semifinalist correct: 20 per player
Finalists correct: 20 per player
Winner correct: 20

If you correctly chose the winner you would be granted a total of 80 PTF points, correctly chose the losing finalist 60 points etc.
Also if you picked H Ij to win and she lost in the quarterfinals you would be granted 20 PTF points, and if you picked E Fg to be a loosing semi-finalist and Efg won the tournament then you would only be allotted 40 points still. In total the maximum amount of points you can get per tournament is 300.

Come on give it a go! Youve got nothing to loose
Please send your picks to kittyking

Current PTF Leaderboard
:sad: This is the first tournament

Also if you would be willing to help me out with this tournament in future weeks please get in touch too

Team WTAworld, Senior Member
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The Round-Robin Tennis Association.

Round Robin Format for all Tournaments

Sign-up in my thread!!!

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Here's what you need to know:
1) No commitments are necessary for the tournaments. Simply post your picks in the thread. You may play more than one event per week.

2) To play this game, you will post a full predicted draw for the tournament, including all winners in all matches of all rounds.

3) You must post your full prediction before the first ball of the first main draw match is struck.

4) If a player withdraws after you have made your prediction, you MAY ONLY alter your pick if the withdrawing player was seeded. However, if the player who withdrew is not a seed, you may not replace.
Unless a seeded player withdraws, you are not allowed to change picks after the first post.
If you are changing picks due to the withdrawal of a seed, you must post your picks in a new post. No editing posts under any circumstances.

5) As far as qualifiers are concerned, you may post just "Q" in you predictions if you wish to make them before the qualifiers are placed, or you may wait until they are placed to predict, but remember that you must post before the first match begins. If two qualifiers play each other, and you are predicting before they are placed, you must predict based on their placement in the draw. For instance, you may say "Qualifier 1 d. Qualifier 2" which would indicate a prediction that the qualifier who is listed first in the draw would win.

6) If a player receives a bye, you do not get points for predicting them into the second round.

7) Scoring goes as follows:
The points you receive will be based on the round points for the tournament. For each player you predict correctly into the second round, you receive the round points for a first round victory, and so on.

-Post your picks in the form 'A d. B' or 'A over B', and not in the form 'B loses to A'.
-Also, please do not use smilies in your picks, there is really no need for it.
You may begin predicting!

:wavey: play in 07 everyone welcome

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SUPERB MASTERS Women's Tennis Association


The aim of this game is to make the most realistic matches between players. This game takes into account:
- player's favorite surface
+ indoor/outdoor preference
- player's features
- player's favorite shots

How does the game work?

1. Choose any WTA player you would like to be a coach of.

2. Put in order your 4 surfaces:
clay, grass, hard, carpet

I surface - 1000 points
II s. - 900 points
III s. - 800 points
IV s. - 750 points

3. Divide 1000 points to Indoors & Outdoors.

4. Divide 30 points to your player's physical, mental strenght & fitness.

5. Divide 10 points to Service & Return.

For example:


Clay - 1000
Grass - 900
Hard - 800
Carpet - 750

Indoor - 600
Outdoor - 400

Physical - 9
Psyhical - 9
Fitness - 12

Service - 6
Return - 4

If a tournament is on Clay Outdoors, player A has 1000+400=1400 points.
This means player A has 1400 points to divide into 3 sets, in 13 games in each set.

How player A vs player B match works:

player A 1set: 30, 30, 30, 50, 30, 40, 40, 40, 50, 50, 40, 30, 40

player B 2set: 30, 30, 40, 30, 30, 20, 40, 40, 50, 50, 40, 30, 40

the points in each game will be multiplied by the points of Service/Return =>

player A to serve *:
player A service - 6
player A return - 4
player A 1set: 30*6, 30*4, 30*6, 50*4, 30*6, 40*4, 40*6, 40*4, 50*6, 50*4, 40*6, 30*4, 40*6

if player A is serving, player B has to start with his return:
player B service - for ex. 7
player B return - for ex. 3
player B 1set: 30*3, 30*7, 40*3, 30*7, 30*3, 20*7, 40*3, 40*7, 50*3, 50*7, 40*3, 30*7, 40*3

The definitive points for each player are:
player A 1set: 180, 120, 180, 200, 180, 160, 240, 160, 300, 200, 240, 120, 240
player B 1set: 90, 210, 120, 210, 90, 140, 120, 280, 150, 350, 120, 210, 120

player A wins the first set: 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2, 5-3, 6-3

Please JOIN.​

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Fantasy Tennis Variation

I like the idea of this thread GoDominique !!! :bounce:

I would like to present the game organized on my forum 100% TENNIS


lover_of_myskina (Nastya Lover on 100% TENNIS)

Who can join?

Open to all members of the forum
Unlimited number of players.
New players can join anytime.

What is it about?

The game is a simple adaptation of the Whirlpool Fantasy Game organized by
Until the official game begins again, I redefined 3 categories and each team will have 7 player (2 of category A, 2 of category B and 3 of category C). You can substitute 3 players each week.
The game (registration and substitution) works only with personnal messages on the forum.
Look at the rules of the game on

All the forum is in french, but you can post your message in english, german or spanish

The game begins next week with the tournament of Tokyo !!!
It's time to register yout team !!!

Good luck !!!

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Actually I'm Planning a v-cash version of Suicide Tennis Game or any other Game this summer.(Probably during the Grass court Season.) Is it possible?? I don't mind using my own v-cash to conduct the game.

Team WTAworld, Lounge Owner
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ATT Authentic Tennis Tour


You have in a Match 6 kinds of Strokes:

6 Aces (A)
6 Winners (W)
6 Return Winners (R)
6 Dropshots (D)
6 Volleys (V)
6 Smash (S)

= 36 Strokes (12 games each set x 3)

Winning Percentage:

ACE wins over Winner, Dropshot, Volley, Smash
loses to Return Winner

WINNER wins over Smash, Dropshot
loses to Ace, Return Winner, Volley

RETURN WINNER wins over Ace, Winner, Volley
lose to Smash, Dropshot

DROPSHOT wins over Volley, Smash, Return Winner
lose to Ace, Winner

VOLLEY wins over Winner, Smash
loses to Ace, Return Winner, Dropshot

SMASH wins over Return Winner
loses to Ace, Winner, Dropshot, Volley

How to play:

;) Choose a WTA-player
;) You send me every week your "strokes" divided into 3 sets - for 12 games in each set
;) It is allowed to use all 6 strokes of a kind in one set (per example: You can use 6 DROPSHOTS in the first set).

The Match:

Player A sent:
1st set: A - A - A - A - A - A - V - V - V - V - V - V

2nd set: D - S - D - S - D - S - W - W - W - W - W - W

3rd set: R - D - S - R - D - S - R - D - S - R - R - R

Player B sent:
1st set: D - R - V - S - W - A - D - R - V - S - W - A
2nd set: V - A - W - R - S - D - V - A - W - R - S - D
3rd set: A - S - D - W - V - R - A - S - D - W - V - R

1st set:

1st Game: Player A (ACE) - Player B (DROPSHOT) --> A leads 1-0
2nd Game: Player A (ACE) - Player B (SMASH) --> A leads 2-0
3rd Game: Player A (ACE) - Player B (DROPSHOT) --> A leads 3-0
4th Game: Player A (ACE) - Player B (SMASH) --> A leads 4-0
5th Game: Player A (ACE) - Player B (DROPSHOT) --> A leads 5-0
6th Game: Player A (ACE) - Player B (SMASH) --> A wins first set 6-0

2nd set:

1st Game: Player A (DROPSHOT) - Player B (VOLLEY) --> A leads 1-0
2nd Game: Player A (SMASH) - Player B (ACE) --> 1-1
3rd Game: Player A (DROPSHOT) - Player B (WINNER) --> B leads 2-1
4th Game: Player A (SMASH) - Player B (RETURN WINNER) --> 2-2
5th Game: Player A (DROPSHOT) - Player B (SMASH) -> A leads 3-2
6th Game: Player A (SMASH) - Player B (DROPSHOT) -> 3-3
7th Game: Player A (WINNER) - Player B (VOLLEY) -> B leads 4-3
8th Game: Player A (WINNER) - Player B (ACE) -> B leads 5-3
9th Game: Player A (WINNER) - Player B (WINNER) -> B leads 5-4*
10th Game: Player A (WINNER) - Player B (RETURN WINNER) --> B wins second set 6-4

*Both players choosed the same weapon -> The player who has less Aces in the set wins the point. If both Players have the same number of Aces in this set then a Coin Toss decides.

3rd set:
1st Game: Player A (RETURN WINNER) - Player B (ACE) --> A leads 1-0
2nd Game: Player A (DROPSHOT) - Player B (SMASH) -> A leads 2-0
3rd Game: Player A (SMASH) - Player B (DROPSHOT) -> A leads 2-1
4th Game: Player A (RETURN WINNER) - Player B (WINNER) -> A leads 3-1
5th Game: Player A (DROPSHOT) - Player B (VOLLEY) -> A leads 4-1
6th Game: Player A ( SMASH) - Player B (RETURN WINNER) -> A leads 5-1
7th Game: Player A (RETURN WINNER) - Player B (ACE) -> A wins third set 6-1

Player A def. Player B 6-1 4-6 6-4



Per example: Player A and Player B are tied 6-6

-> That Player wins the Tie-Break who used less Aces in this set (7:0, 7:1 or 7:2)
-> If both Players have the same number of Aces in this set that Player wins who used less Return Winners (7:3 or 7:4)
-> If both Players have the same number of Aces and Return Winners in this set that Player wins who used less DROPSHOTS (7:5)
-> If both Players have the same number of Aces, Return Winners and Dropshots in this set there will a decision with Coin Toss (8:6)

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Go to the above link to play PTF(Predict the Finalists). The rules of the game are simple. All you have to do is pick the finalists(4 quarterfinalists, 2 semifinalists, finalist and winner) of ITF events from week to week which counts towards your ranking. All you do is post your picks at the beginning of each week, before the main draw matches start.

There is even a PTF cup, where you will play against other players in elimination rounds similiar to a wtatour/atp draw based off the points you earn over weeks of play.

So if you enjoy following the ITF tour, then i encourage you to play PTF:wavey:

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This game is going to be similar to the other ones, except for I will be doing real sized draws if enough people sign up (a.k.a. G.S.=128, Tier 1=112, Tier 2=64, Tier 3=32, etc.) and using the 2009 WTA Tour Schedule. I will be using new or retired WTA players, and will start the game out using the real current rankings of the WTA Tour (so Justine would be 1, Maria 2, Jelena 3, etc.). I encourage everyone to sign up, because I will do my absolute best to make everyone a part of this game! The tournaments will have different point values, there will be an independent Race to the Championships, quality points, required tournaments to play, tournament previews, draws, etc.! Join in the fun!!!

Senior Member
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The game where the Lower Ranked play in the Challengers Circuit.

The rules are easy, 400 points divided in 4 surfaces, you use them to send points divided in 3 sets.
If you have choosen 150 points for carpet, you can send 75-1-74 to play a tournament.

The tour contains only challenger tournaments and we respect the dates of the original callendar, just like FWTA. That means you will be playing in $ 50K Bronx in the same week this tournament is being played in real life.
We also have "4 grand slams" during the season, they are Tier IV events, one on each surface.
Finally, we have our own Fed Cup, but we play it two times each year, from Feb to June and from August to November.

The players must be ranked under 150° in the WTA the week she joins, no matters if after that she rises (like happened to Na Li and Maria Kirilenko) or she retires (like Anna Kournikova).

There is a complete Book of Rules in the game thread, where all the rules and possibles situations have been thinked.
Take a look in the forum and join it if you like it :)

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There are more and more games on WTAWorld these days.
For a newbie, this might be very confusing or even daunting. And it's also lots of work to go through all the forums to find that game that you like best.
That's why I think we should have a thread where posters can find brief synopses of all the games. :)
If you like the idea, just put your introducation in this thread, and I will put them all into one post according to the order in the Games forum. :)
Thank you! :) I saw PYW in the tournament forums but I had no clue what it was. I came here and clicked on the PYW thread and still didn't understand it because it was just about rankings without any explanation. :eek:

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The European $25,000 Challenge Tour

Run By: Nickwhittle14
Duration: 1 Tournament Per Month
Who Can Play: Any Registered Wta World Member
Player Limits: 1 WTA Player per person

Calender (Weeks)

01: $25,000 Capriolo (ITA) (Carpet)
02: $25,000 Belfort (FRA) (Carpet)
03: $25,000 Minsk (BLR) (Carpet)
04: $25,000 Makarska (CRO) (Clay)
05: $25,000 Warsaw (POL) (Clay)
06: $25,000 Bastad (SWE) (Clay)
07: $25,000 Felixstowe (GBR) (Grass)
08: $25,000 Surbiton (GBR) (Grass)
09: $25,000 Vigo (ESP) (Hard)
10: $25,000 Batumi (GEO) (Hard)
11: $25,000 Nottingham (GBR) (Hard)
12: $25,000 Prerov (CZE) (Hard)

* For 2007 only tournaments 10,11 and 12 will be played

Points System


*(500 Points to spread over the 4 surfaces)

Point's to be sent

SET 1:
SET 2:
SET 3:

(Spread your points over 3 sets (Depending on surface)

How It Works
Very simple, (example below)

Player A 50, 50 and 100

Player B 100, 100 and 0

Score: Player B Wins 2-0

Set A: 100 over 50
Set B: 100 over 50

Points Set Via PM: to Nickwhittle14

Have fun :drool:

Thread Link:

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One question , where is the tennis tipping for Challengers???

Team WTAworld, Moderator - Games
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Join the game in its 10th season! :bounce:

Your hand of five players will be ranked according to poker rules and you will face the other Tennis Poker players in a draw where the best combination always wins!
Sign up process for this event: just pick your five tennis players!

The performance of each pair will be measured by the geometric mean of the ranking points earned by the two posters in the Tennis Poker singles tournaments: doubles pairs will face each other in a draw to find the best comprehensive score!
Sign up process for this event: just pick your doubles partner!

Two national teams, with at least 2 posters and no more than 6, will face each other in 4 singles and 1 doubles: the team with at least 3 wins out of these 5 rubbers will be the winner. Playing Fed Cup will make you eligible for the Olympic Games too: once you’ve picked your nationality, you’ll be included in the qualies.
Sign up process for this event: just pick your national team!

Singles, doubles and team event: some players have already qualified, but a lot of spots are still open for everyone! Remember Fed Cup is compulsory in order to be eligible.
This event does NOT require any sign up.

Only the best Tennis Poker players of the 2007 season are eligible to compete in this event, which includes a singles and a doubles draw: one round per leg, with the medals awarded in the final leg of the season.
This event does NOT require any sign up.

The Tennis Poker combined event: you’ll gain points for each win in singles, doubles, Fed Cup and, if you’ve qualified, World Championships. All the singles players will be divided into different divisions according to their previous results and there will be play-off matches to decide promotions, relegations and eliminations.
This event does NOT require any sign up.

So, in brief, what must I do to sign up?


:) pick your five tennis players
:) check if that combination has already been chosen


:) find a partner
:) be sure you both have signed up correctly for the singles


:) choose the country you’re going to represent
:) post the list of the members of your team (at least 2 posters, no more than 6)
:) be sure you all have signed up correctly for the singles
:) choose the font color which will be used for your team (optional)

Once you’ve done these 3 simple actions, you’re in for ALL the Tennis Poker events for ALL the 2008 season: there’s nothing else you need to do, just sit down and enjoy all the Tennis Poker fun! :D

1st leg deadline: December 29th

Thank you, good luck! :wavey:
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