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Fantasy Tennis Tournament:

Hey everyone, here is a new fantasy tennis format I've been experimenting with. Would love to get your feedback as we are implementing it into a website at

So here is how it works:

1. Every tournament, you have $100k to build a team of 8 players.
2. Players are priced based on their ranking. The #1 player is priced at $27,000, where as a player ranked in the 100s would be priced no lower than $5k.
3. Scoring: you get 1 point for every point that your player wins in a match. Therefore, players that go to 5 sets will accrue more points.
4. Pick players based on how many points you think they will accrue during the tournament. The further they advance, the more points they have a chance to accrue.

We have a run a few trials for Wimbledon and it worked really well. We are constantly trying to tweak it, but could really use the community's feedback. Thanks guys!

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I want to do this too....

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Re: Game organizers: Introduce your game!
Sign up for E.W.T.A.

Expensive Women's Tennis Association

How to join

Joining this game is EASY, just select a active WTA top 150 player or a retired well-known player, sign-up her name here. Each WTAworld member can sign-up 2 players in this game.

Sending points
Sending points is also EASY too. You just need to spread A-L and $ into 13 parts for 3 sets
($ can win every letters)
(If both players sent the same letter(Even $) in that particular game of the match, there’ll be coin-toss.)
(Remember this: $>A>B>C>D>E>F>G>H>I>J>K>L)
(If you have two players in this game, you need to send DIFFERENT points for each player)


Tatiana Golovin's points
Set 1: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-L-$
Set 2: B-C-D-E-F-G-$-H-I-J-K-L-A
Set 3: C-D-E-F-G-H-$-I-J-K-L-A-B

Ana Ivanovic's points
Set 1: $-A-B-C-D-L-K-J-I-H-G-F-E
Set 2: A-B-L-K-D-C-$-E-F-G-H-I-J
Set 3: C-D-E-F-G-H-$-I-J-K-L-B-A

The match's result: Ivanovic wins 6-3(In I, Ivanovic wins the coin-toss) 6-2(In $, Ivanovic wins the coin-toss)

If you get any questions in sending points, you can PM me or just type your problem in this thread, i will reply you)

In doubles, the scoring system is the same. We only require 1 player to send points per team. Daniela-Is-Mine is the doubles manager, if you had any questions in doubles, please contact for further information. Mixed doubles will be run by dementievevenus, just in four slams!!

Just the same as WTA calender

Buying eqipments
You need to buy equipments before you play a match, if you didn't, you will get a score walkover in that match, because you didn't have a tennis racquets and wear clothes!!The shop thread: You need to pay money to buy them!!

The ranking system is just the same as WTA's, except the 1st round, players can get 10 points in first round. The ranking's thread:

If a player don't send new points for 4 weeks, she will retire!!

Taken players
Player's name(Coach's name)
Jelena Jankovic(Hashim.)
Margalita Chakhnashvili(საქართველო )
Elena Dementieva(salvatore)
Edina Gallovits(საქართველო )
Kim Clijsters(Hashim.)
Maria Kirilenko(droolv3)
Tatjana Malek(Patch)
Anne Keothavong(Patch)
Francesca Schiavone(Medina)
Virginia Ruano Pascual(Medina)
Ana Ivanovic(dAdEx)
Agnieszka Radwanska(dAdEx)
Marta Domachowska(Natash.)
Daniela Hantuchova(Daniela-Is-Mine)
Venus Williams(young_gunner913)
Marion Bartoli(dementievavenus)
Anna Chakvetadze(wtatommo)
Agnes Szavay(Daniela-Is-Mine)
Victoria Azarenka(zvonarevarulz)
Vera Zvonareva(zvonarevarulz)
Tatiana Golovin(wtatommo)
Gisela Dulko(salvatore)
Justine Henin(Buitenzorg)
Iveta Benesova(Kai)
Maria Sanchez Lorenzo(Kai)
Tamarine Tanasugarn(KevRulz09)
Bethanie Mattek(KevRulz09)
Shahar Peer(young_gunner913)
Martina Hingis(Buitenzorg)
Dominika Cibulkova(Natash.)
Na Li(dewvios)
Shuai Peng(dewvios)
Svetlana Kuznetsova(Karat0589)
Paola Suarez(Ian!.)
Maria Emilia Salerni(Ian!.)
Angelika Rosech(Highlandman)
Martina Muller(Highlandman)
Maria Sharapova(Shafanovic)
Caroline Wozniacki(Lord Jinxy)
Serena Williams(GracefulVenus)
Lindsay Davenport(GracefulVenus)
Aravane Rezai(dementievavenus)
Nicole Vaidisova(champion88)
Camille Pin(dulkogii)
Jorgelina Cravero(dulkogii)
Alize Cornet(Dizon2929)
Alona Bondarenko(Dizon2929)

Sign-up NOW!!!
P.S.: New players who joined can use AN EXTRA $ each sets in her first tournament(But no L)
Anyone think this is fun?

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Id love to look at bringing back one of the Trading Card Games. Where you Get starting players, use them to gain currency to purchase more packs, keep building as you go along.

Would either use one of the previous ones as a template or building one from scratch. Thinking build from scratch as I have time and enjoy that sort of stuff.

Would people be interested in something like this making a return?

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So here is that my thoughts are

Women’s Trading Card Game
A trading card game that focuses on building your collection of players through activities that earn points, points can then be traded for packs filled with players, attribute, equipment/coaches and entry fee cards. Collections will not reset during each year except for a beta testing period.

The Cards
Earnt through opening packs that can be purchased or won.

All players within the top 400 of the WTA rankings will have a player card
  • Each player card will consist of a Rarity, Playing Style, Right or Left Handed & Surface Bonus
  • Rarities will be Special – Platinum – Gold – Silver - Bronze
  • Playing styles (TBC) will be Hard Hitter, Big Server, Grinder, All Around, Forehand Bias, Backhand Bias, Front Court Player
  • Surface bonus will be for the 3 key surfaces and range from 5%-20% depending on the dependence of the surface. Surface bonus is added when you use a player in the same week that they are playing on that surface
Will be cards that can upgrade your players points for set periods, change surface bonuses, change playing styles etc

Equipment used by all your players, will provide bonuses to different aspects. Details to come later.

Entry Fees
Entry fee cards that are used to allow your players to tournaments

Packs will consist of the above card types. Multiple types of packs will exist with varying costs. Costs for the best packs will be high. Getting the top players will be difficult.

Points will be able to be earnt through various game modes with bonus cards, surfaces, attributes, equipment etc all playing a part.

  • Season Play
  • Tournament Play
  • Scratch and Play
  • Periodic Side Games
  • Auctions
What is a trading game without trading. Trading will not be through Points. More details to come later.

Beta testing Period will be run for 2-3 months to allow for testing of the aspects, creation and tweaks to rules, design and implementation of cards. Participation in Beta will result in a bonus reward pack when starting the real game

Upon joining you will a entry into the starter tournament, the result of this will provide your starting bonus and packs.

Beta test might take some time to setup. Enter here to register your interest in joining.
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