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Singles entries close the 12th and dont worry about it if your are not ranked good or 1st tourney(ask Iva Majoli world number 1's first tourney Aussie Open and won it!) :worship: ENTRIES CLOSED(only singles)

Doubles entries close the 13th and same with singles Iva and Anne Keo. won the Aussie Doubs. and werent ranked good in singles(first doubs. tourney was Aus.) :worship: remember if you look up here and see that entries close the 13th and it is the 13th or 14th or maybe even the 15th and you think that you are to late you are NOT because i will officaly post when entries close so dont worry !

Good luck and I hope to see ya'll here! :worship:

Singles Entries so far: (Alphabetical not ranking wise)
1.Silvia Farina Elia (ITA)
2.Anna-Lena Groenefeld (GER)
3.Ashley Harkelroad (USA)
4.Amanda Janes (GBR)
5.Anne Keothavong (GBR)
6.Maria Kirilenko (RUS)
7.Carloine Maes (BEL)
8.Iva Majoli (CRO)
9.Amelie Mauresmo (FRA)
10.Sunitha Rao (USA)
11.Chanda Rubin (USA)
12.Samantha Stosur (AUS)
13.Christina Wheeler (AUS)

Doubles Entries so far: (Alphabetical not ranking wise)
1.Silvia Farina Elia/Christina Wheeler
sadly they are the only ones confirmed! :(

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Well you know Iva Majoli has to come to Paris for Roland Garros and try at her second major in a row! Iva Majoli, world's number 1 commits to Roland Garros in Singles and will play with Anne in the Doubles.

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Chanda Rubin of the USA is entering.

Chanda Rubin is fresh off a win in Berlin and is looking for her first Singles Grand Slam of the year and her Career. Good luck to her :D!

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Christina Wheeler Is In!!!
Silvia Do You Wanna Play Doubles Again!!!

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Kirilenko in :)

Kirilenko/Maes :)
??? ok?
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