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<font size=6><font color=gold>FWTT SEASON 2001 SUMMARY<font size=2><font color=black><br /><font color=white><br />Season 2001 ended some weeks ago and here is a summary...

JANUARY<br />January came startint with the Hopman Cup where unknowns Regla Torres and Gustavo Kuerten claimed the title over the Aussies in their home soil. We also had the Gold Coast and Auckland events. In Gold Coast was a high expectance of see a classic Ferrer v. Valentine final but who would say French Marla Sokoloff and Yugoslavian Znezana Prica would make the final with Prica winning her first title. And in Auckland Regla Torres once again in a final this time not lucky as she lost to Slovenia´s Anita Kinsip.

Whe then travelled to Sydney.. Alice Knight who came really hot from ending season 2000 won the championships with only little problems in the final over world number 1 Larisa Ferrer. Seemed as if Knight would win the Australian Open but...

Finally it was time for the Australian Open and everybody was expecting to see the top seeds in the quarterfinals.. unfortunately for some that could not happen as there were lot of surprises and who would think that for example Spain´s Monica de la Cal would make the final and the other two surprises Prica and Selles.. what it was not a surprise but a reallity was Ferrer who claimed her second career singles Grand Slam.

Selles couldnt conform with simply a semifinal in a grand slam as she traveled to Tokyo to play a Tier 1 and who would say she would win it over Sweden´s Anette Salomonsson for claiming her 1st FWTT singles title.

<br />FEBRUARY<br />With a new month starting new stars borning that was the case of Indonesia´s Riana Shamira Zubir who with an excellent streak won events in Paris and Nice with only losing 2 sets. But also new stars started their career with Aussies winning first titles.. this was the case of Marteena Huubere who won the Doha event and one week later in an all Aussie final Jelena Dokic claimed her first singles title. Alice Knight continued in good form beating Sabine Graf in the final of Dubai claiming her second title of the year.

Next week were Scottsdale and Acapulco... Erika Salomonsson always in the mid part of the year seemed to play better and she showed that as she won Scottsdale beating Dokic in the final. In Acapulco Regla striked again but again unluckily lost to Ferrer in a tough final.

<br />MARCH<br />March started... And 2 important events in the doors were awaiting... not to much to say but you could see who where the dominant players in those moments as Riana Shamira Zubir and Larisa Ferrer where in both finals of Miami and Indian Wells and in both Riana was the winner... and with this 4 titles already in her belt.

<br />APRIL<br />Clay again... starting with Amelia Island Selima Valentine returns after mediocrity to her good level winning her first title of the year beating Jane Wong in the final and also in Estoril Brenda Van Haak claimed her first career title over Bulgaria´s Mazuelena Majlana.

Then the most important event in the FWTT came... the Family Circle Cup that marked the 1st year of the FWTT existing... the great event ended with the only semifinalist in 2000 still active winning the event... Jane Wong.

Hamburg came later... Anita Kinsip surprisive as she knows made the final but was not enough as she lost to Larisa Ferrer in the final.

<br />MAY<br />Berlin started Ferrer again finalist... finalist in Charleston, Winner in Hamburg and now in Berlin´s final deffinetely a contender for Roland Garros... but this time not winner.. Belgium´s Tiffani Eggert came with all and won her first title of the year. Rome... deffending champion Erika Salomonsson claimed once again the title... meanwhile in Antwerp Jane Wong claimed first career title over Tami Sugarn.

Finally last 2 events before Roland Garros... Znezana Prica claims her second title over Jelena Dokic in Madrid and Larisa Ferrer once again the final beats Ruflina Taliamanosoko to claim another title.

<br />JUNE<br />Roland Garros !!!! finally Roland Garros started... Ferrer? NO! Valentine? NO! Eggert? NO! E. Salomonsson? NO! Prica? NO! Wong? YES! Jane Wong claimed her first Grand Slam title and became first non-European player to win a Grand Slam, beating Taliamanosoko of Botswana in the final.

Grass season started... but first a hardcourt event in Tashkent where Canada´s Eva Sorrenta started to show form winning the event with certain ease. Birmingham showed once again Taliamanosoko with another final lose this time to Australian Open runner-up Monica de la Cal.

S´Hertegenbosch showed lot of new faces but also a new champion was borned with Australia´s Bryanne Pierce winning her first career title... Eastbourne started with the top stars in the draw and the favorites already known... but someone was not invited this was Sabine Graf who won the event over Switzerland´s Martina Lian.

<br />JULY<br />Wimbledon... some upsets there... the quarterfinals... Ferrer v. Masterton, Kroulikova v. Graf, Totmianina v. Taliamanosoko, Delacour v. Valentine... the semifinalists where not surprisive but surprises started in the semifinals with Sabine Graf beating Larisa Ferrer once again (Paris, Eastbourne) for making her debut in a grand slam final and Taliamanosoko once again in a final after beating German Selima Valentine... Strasbourg, Roland Garros, Birmingham.. whould Taliamanosoko FINALLY win? Sabine said no as she claimed her first grand slam title.

Finally some rest... Vienna see´s how the Roland Garros jr champion starts her good career as wins the Vienna event over Selima Valentine... and also how Nicole Arenot claims the Knokke-Heist title. Casablanca for the clay queen Jane Wong and Stanford for the US Open 2000 champion Selima Valentine.

<br />AUGUST<br />Basel.. San Diego... Basel for Arenot.. British player wins second singles title of the year. San Diego was again Valentine <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> vs. Taliamanosoko... Taliamanosoko again a runner-up with no titles? <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" /> no... Taliamanosoko claimed her firs title of the year over the German. One week later in Los Angeles Sabine Graf returned to the winning streaks as she won another title this time over Canada´s Sorrenta. Again another Tier I... who saw again the same winner of the last 2 hardcourt tier I´s <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> Riana Shamira Zubir and Larisa Ferrer again like in Indian Wells and Miami <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> and again Zubir won the title <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <br />New Haven started with a strange Quarterfinal that had Ferrer beating Zubir and she wouldnt stop as she won the title over Anjelica de la Courtiere.

<br />SEPTEMBER<br />Ferrer v. Huubere, Taliamanosoko v. Torres... the US Open semifinals... Taliamanosoko once again! this time beat 2000 runner-up Ferrer for claiming her first grand slam in her career! and not only that ! she also won the doubles with Wong!!!! <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

Tokyo for Graf... Quebec for Sorrenta... Leipzig for Sorrenta (AGAIN) and Bali for Hong Da-Jung.

<br />OCTOBER<br />The Japan Open started and saw a new face... Spain´s Carmen Prado claimed her first FWTT title and meanwhile in Moscow Eva Sorrenta saw how her streak ended to Tiffani Eggert... but this was not enough for Eggert to claim her second Tier 1 in the year as she lost to Ferrer not like in Berlin... Next week in Filderstadt we once again saw how Larisa Ferrer claimed another title... in Zurich Sabine Graf beat Ruflina Taliamanosoko in the final Sabine Wimbledon Champion and Ruflina US Open Champion... finally the end... We saw how in Luxembourg another Brit claimed a title this time Paula Masterton over Brazil´s Nicole Lamanke-Huber and in Linz... Sabine Graf again this time in an all German finall vs. Selima Valentine..

<br />NOVEMBER<br />The Chase Championships started and since the beggining the surprises started... Regla Torres who would retire at the end of this event beat Eva Sorrenta of Canada... Sabine Graf and Selima Valentine also eliminated in first round... Regla Torres went to the final to face Larisa Ferrer... and she did it.. Regla won her first singles title in the FWTT (only title had been the ITF/75K West Palm Event 2001) and decided to play one more year... in Pattaya Selima had to chance of moving in the ranks before the year ended with another singles title in her belt...

Season 2001 saw how Larisa Ferrer of Great Britain retained her world #1 in singles through all the year.. in doubles Selima Valentine took the spot for some weeks and also for 1 week Australia´s Jelena Dokic claimed that spot... Next year rankings are much closer than last year with Sabine Graf and Ruflina Taliamanosoko not having a big difference from #1 spot....

<img src="smile.gif" border="0">

2002 season starts today 24th <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> with the Hyundai Hopman Cup <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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Gisele is crying cause she didn't is mentioned in the summary, as she didn't have a good 2001 year.....<br /> <img src="graemlins/sad.gif" border="0" alt="[Sad]" />

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Thanks for the summary, I still remeber my clay court season <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

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Great review hopefully next year you'll see Monica Gambill donitmated the tour!
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