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Well season of 2002 will end soon. You can only become pro if you DO NOT HAVE other pro player..


5- Elena Dokic [Esp] 245 pts.

7- Bianka Harlow [Ger] 240 pts.

16- Anna Kournikova-Elia [Rus] 125 pts.

18- Leslie Ann Messay [Usa] 103 pts.

24- Jelliana Seles [Gbr] 70 pts.

25- Jana Hingis [Sui] 66 pts.

26- Anna Capriati [Usa] 53 pts.

29- Sofia Torres [Mex] 18 pts.

31- ??? Montalvo [???] 15 pts.

32- Rachel-Anne Fleischmann [Ger] 15 pts.

<br />Supossing they dont have a pro player as I dont know who are the posters that have this players.

So please if your player is here please post it here.

I need to know who you are for trying to you to become pro in first place.. second high rank you have until Yucatan.

The rankings of after Yucatan wil say who will become pro.

2 players + 1 who will be voted by me and Paul.

Maybe this will change but any changes I will tell you people.

Thank You.

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Jelliana Seles Wishes to become a pro.

'I feel its time to move on, to better and bigger things. Juniors is great, but its my dream to play amongst the great champions.'

Also, Jelliana's Sister wishes to become a Junior, onced Jelliana has moved on.

Jelliana's Sister's name is, Patsie Seles.

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