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FWTT Beginner's Guide

Hey! If you have any interest joining FWTT here you can find the basic information to understand the game. Feel free to ask anything you need.​

How do I join this game?

Create a FANTASY PLAYER and post it in the 2020 FWTT Official Thread with the following information:
Name: Mary Davies
Birth date: May 30, 2001
Nationality: France
Surface Preference: Hard, Clay, Grass

You're also welcome to create a more detailed profile. Look at Players Profile Thread

What is the purpose of surface preferences?

Surface order determines how many points you will be able to use for each surface: HARD, CLAY and GRASS.

  • On every tournament played on your 1st surface preference you'll have 105 points to split into three sets
  • On every tournament played on your 2nd surface preference you'll have 102 points to split into three sets
  • On every tournament played on your 3rdt surface preference you'll have 100 points to split into three sets
You can also earn additional bonus points by winning events.

  • Grand Slam/Olympic Gold = 7
  • Premier Mandatory/Premier 5/Tour Championships/Olympic Silver = 5
  • Premier 600/700/Olympic Bronze = 3
  • International = 2
  • $125K = 1

If you win a Hard tournament -> you win Hard bonus points. There is a cap of 115 points on every surface.

How do we get a score?

You have 100 + bonus points to be devided in 3 sets. You will send it as a PM (Private Message) for the person indicated in the first post of the tournament. It will be used for all your matches. Below you can find a scenario where all players have 105 points to send:

For each set, the score is calculated based on the difference between the points following the table below:

  • Difference of 61 or more points = 6/0
  • 50 to 60 points = 6/1
  • 40 to 49 points = 6/2
  • 30 to 39 points = 6/3
  • 20 to 29 points = 6/4
  • 11 to 19 points = 7/5
  • 10 or less points difference is a tiebreak:
    [*]10 = 7/6(0)
    [*]9 = 7/6(1)
    [*]8 or 7 = 7/6(2)
    [*]6 or 5 = 7/6(3)
    [*]4 or 3 = 7/6(4)
    [*]2 = 7/6(5)
    [*]1 = 7/6(6)
    [*]0 = 7/6(7) or higher depending on drama​

  • If points in a set or tied, the score will be determined by: a) less total points b) surface preference, c) higher ranked playert. If they are tied in rankings, a coin toss will determine the winner.
  • The score table is a guide and adjustments can be made by the director when needed. An extended set will be played in lieu of a 3rd set tiebreaker at Australian Open, Wimbledon and Roland Garros for example.

Do I need to send new points every week?

Previous points may be used (if current event is on same surface) if you don't send in new points. However, there are certain events like Grand Slams and Premier Mandatory Events, where you must send in NEW POINTS, same when we change the surface.

You can always keep track of how many points you can use based on Points to Send Thread
Deadline for sending points is usually on Wednesday/Thursday. So you do it ONCE a week.

How about the Calendar?

FWTT follows WTA Calendar. You can play one tournament each week. You may choose accordly with your ranking and surface preferences.
FWTT Schedule Thread January to March is where you can pick your tournaments. Every three months there will be a Thread like that.

How about the Rankings?

Points distribution follow WTA rules. The FWTT rankings are based on a 52-week, cumulative system. A player's ranking is determined by her results at a maximum of 22 tournaments for singles. The tournaments that count towards a player's ranking are those that yield the highest ranking points during the rolling 52-week period. They must include points from the Grand Slams and Premier Mandatory tournaments.


Every player is welcome to play doubles. You should ask for a doubles partner on each tournament thread. Plan the calendar accordly so you can find a permanent partner.
How many points? A mean including both players points (e.g: Halep has 110 Clay Points. Kerber has 100 points. So the team Halep/Kerber has 105 points to send).

One player of the team must send points for Doubles. If both players specify that their set of points should be used, they will be averaged.

That's all you need to know to start playing. We suggest a full read of the rules in the 2020 Official Thread. If you still need some help, you can contact me for help.



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Marteena Huubere (AUS) surface preferences:

Hard, Clay, Grass.

Will be interesting starting from scratch again after having so many points last time I played! Looking forward to the challenge! :)
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