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Hi, I just found this on Eurosport website it's kind of an interview with Lindsay when she was at RG. Take a look - it's a Real player Video but it plays directly from the website and not on a real player :) Click on "Davenport in Paris" - Enjoy:

If anyone else has any other interesting Lindsay stuff i.e. interview clips, quotes that are funny or interesting, Lindsay desktops/wallpapers or things Lindsay-related that you have created would be great. If I find anything else I will post it here.

See a few postes down for some Lindsay anagroms that I have been working on.

One request I have, if anyone has it or can find it is the interviw Lindsay did on the letterman show. I remember someone emailed it to me once but because my old PC was useless it wouldn't play. If anyone has it could you please send it to me thanks. :D

:bigwave:Rachel :bounce:

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Lindsay Anagrams

Using just "Lindsay Davenport"

-Any red top van lids?
-A din, sly, apt Dr. Oven

The folling use Lindsay's full name (Lindsay Ann Davenport)

-A Nanny slid ova Dr. Pent
-P.A. Vet Dr. on NASA ID., Lynn
-Ann ad in sly VAT ponder
-Dials Nanny or Van Dept
-Lad Nanny is tap vendor
-Lad Nanny is Advent pro
-Land any sin and pardon vet
-Tap vendor Lad's a Ninny
-Vane Dr. Top lad's a ninny
-Any lads inn red top van?
-Sadly, nan in VAT ponder
-Sadly, Ann in a Dr. Vent op
-Dr. Oven and Nina Sly tap
-And as I Lynn pardon vet
-And as I Lynn, adopt Vern
-Danny as Lin at pond rev

The following use "Lindsay Leach"

-A C.A. ends hilly
-A C.A. held in sly
-Inhaled sly C.A.
-Dale shy in Cal.
-Sly hen dial C.A.
-C.A. lad, Neil - shy

Some of these don't really make sense - have you got any idea's for anagrams?
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