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Or whatever the hell the name is..

I figured I would post here first, because there isn't a lot of people that actually visit "Jens Den"

I don't think... <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> <br />

but, I wanted to post this because its funny..Could it get any worse? Everything had already been taken from Jennifer Capriati last Friday: Her will, her legs, her forehand. Did she have to hear the laughing, too? Around the corner from where she stood, near the players' lounge at the National Tennis Center, that whole camp had gathered. Rapper Jay-Z. New York Knicks star Allan Houston. Actress-singer Brandy. All those friends and hangers-on, all packed together in the players' lounge, shouting and chattering and ecstatic because Venus Williams had just clubbed Capriati 6-4, 6-2 in the semifinals of the U.S. Open to set up a historic final match with her sister Serena.

Capriati had come to Flushing Meadow with so much to gain. She could've left as the No. 1 player in the world; she could've finally become the dominant force in women's tennis that everyone once expected her to be. Now all that was gone. Capriati stood with her back against a wall, eyes filled with tears. "You're great," insisted her mother, Denise, stroking her daughter's back. "You're Number 1 in my eyes."

Yeah sure... and what about this..

<br />An hour later Capriati stood outside the stadium in the dusk, waiting for the car that would whisk her away. She was calmer now, until the door to the players' lounge opened and Venus emerged and a crowd of about 50 fans surged, cheering and clapping and shouting her name. Capriati panicked. She screamed, "Let's go!" jumped into the front seat of the car that had just arrived and closed the window to shut out the noise. She tried to be cool, looking straight ahead as Venus strolled by with her mother, Oracene, and Serena. But then Capriati couldn't help herself. Once, twice, three times, she looked over her shoulder, watching Venus, watching the crowd that loved her, watching the force that drives the sport like no other.

<br />I would of give anything to have been there...

<br />Capriati sucks grass. But I'm saying this in the "General Messages," and not in "Jens Den."

<br />"they can't handle the truth."

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I feel sorrow for jenn.Jenn has to learn what my mother told us.NEVER NEVER let them see you sweat.Jenn has to learn you win some and loss some.the fans have the right to cheer for their player.Just like the one's who boo SERENA in indian well,SERENA JUST WENT OUT THERE AND KICK ASS.JENN ,never let then see you sweat.nice booboop
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