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It used to be my favourite sports daily in Russia.. But now it gets worse and worse..

Davis Cup, it looks like it is non-event for the newspaper, both reports - Staurday's and Monday's are very small and not interesting. No interviews, no analysis of draw, nothing. I understand - it is Olympics time, freaking NBA All-stars game weekend, still, it looks like tennis is completely out of their priority..

Olympics, reading report about figure skating. And report is written by a person who doesn't understand sport at all. OK, maybe she was a great in jumping into water ( is it the same Vaitsekhovskaya, BTW? ), but she knows jack about figure skating, and with all that she is trying to make some controversial calls.. Like everything is predecided, that judges decided that the gold should be won by either Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze or by Canadians and even tries to put some theoretical basis for that. And that some other pairs skated perfectly and got undeservedly low marks. This is outright dishonest. She blames judges in being prejudiced while it is obviously not true. She says, for instance, that Chinese duo skated a perfect short program. Hello?? Even I, whose knowledge of the sport is quite limited, noticed that one of the two exited the synchronous rotation good 3 seconds before the other did that. And it is supposed to be synchronous. And it is mandatory element. It is clear 0.2 deduction.. DId she watch it at all?
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