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i dont kno why i put the word official in the subject box, i just think it looks good. anyways, here are my predictions, feel free to post your own predictions on here, just don't steal my thunder :)

Serena Williams Vs Amelie Momo: I can't seem to spell Amelie's last name, lol. I said at the beginning of this tournament that i refuse to pick AGAINST serena. She's playing well, she's won the last 4 Grand Slams, she's number 1 in the world, she's my pick. Rarely do a player manage to beat Serena Williams twice, it just doens't happen. If there are players out there who can, its the two that serena will have to face to reach the finals. I think Amelie can win, but i doubt she will because of her nerves and the fact that she's playing serena. I'm really proud of Amelie for finally getting into the quarters of this event and if she hangs in there, she can push serena to 3 and possibly win this match. However, my prediction is that she won't.
Predicted Winner: Serena
Who i want to win: Amelie
Predicted Scoreline: 6-3, 6-2

Justine Henin-Hardenne Vs Chanda Rubin: They hit the ball at about the same pace except justine is more prone to winners and errors believe it or not. This match will be interesting as Chanda has the game to beat Justine, but Justine is just playing too well as of this point. She struggled against patty and seemed to have some problems with fitness and the heat, so if Chanda can take this into a third set, i will give her the edge as i think Chanda is the fitter of the two. However, i am predicting justine to win in 2 sets.
Predicted Winner: Justine
Who i want to win: Justine
Predicted Scoreline: 6-4, 7-6

Vera Vs Nadia: I aint even gonna bother with the last names. I really like this match up, i would have prefered venus Vs Jen, but this is good too. Nadia smacks the living crap out of the all while vera is less powerful but no less aggressive in her play. I think that nadia is playing so incredibly well but she is the aggressor and the one more prone to errors. This is a huge match and i think nerves will play a big factor for both of them. They will both be nervous so expect a lot of errors. This is how i'm making my prediction for this match, the one with more errors will lose, and because nadia is more prone to error, i choose vera to win.
Predicted winner: Vera
Who i want to win: don't care
Predicted Scoreline: 6-4, 2-6, 6-3

Kim Clijsters Vs. Conchita Martinez: This is the most predictable, Conchita is playing well but i don't see Kim losing. She hasnt' even lost before the semis of an event this year so i expect her to take this one in straights. Conchita is amazing on clay but Kim is by far the superb mover and by far the more powerful of the two. Martinez can fluster kim but i doubt she'll win.
Predicted Winner: Kim
Who i want to win: Kim
Predicted Scoreline: 7-5, 6-4

so what do u think? Post ur predictions too, i want to know ur point of views.

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S.Williams vs. A.Mauresmo
-i'm also glad Amelie got passed the 4th rd. hurdle in her home tourney, but there is no way Serena will lose and I'm predicting Serena to win the whole thing again. Mauresmo may have the crowd on her side, but never count out Serena.
Will win: SERENA 7-6, 6-4
Want to win: Mauresmo

J.Henin vs. C.Rubin
-evenly matched opponets. similar height, both quick, great hands, decent power, only difference is the serve. Justine has the better serve and Chanda is prone to many DF's. I saw their last match in Key Biscane. Quite frankly, Justine was fatigued since she'd already played so much tennis since the beginning of the year. I'm glad Justine rested after Berlin. This match will be a real battle, as both players are stubborn to go down easily.
Will win: JUSTINE 6-3, 2-6, 6-4
Want to win: Justine

N.Petrova vs. V.Zvonareva
Seeing how both played today against Venus and Jennifer, this might be a real delight. Petrova is the more aggressive one with the big serve and decent volleys. Zvonareva is more of a retriever as we saw how she ran down Venus's balls. Petrova played an absolute beautifu match against Capriati, who she herself was playing good stuff. Zvonareva had the fortune of Venus's eratic forehand errors, but Vera played great too and really didn't get down on herself. This one is hard to pick.
Who will win: PETROVA, mainly because of her serve and ground power. 2-6, 6-4, 6-4
Want to win: Zvonareva

K.Clijsters vs. C.Martinez
Yes, unless Kim goes out to lunch like she did today, I don't see her losing to the veteran. but you never know with Martinez. The Spaniard is at her best at this red stuff and has the game to frustrate the power of Clijsters.
Will win: Clijsters 7-5, 6-3
Want to win: Clijsters
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