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"Foot fault" or Wimbledon officials losing credibility

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"Foot-faults. I don't know what to say, but it was a little bit outrageous," Karlovic said. "In my whole life, ever since I was eight years old, whole life I didn't do this many foot-fault. It was like 11. It was never called when it was like 30‑Love or 40‑Love. It was always when it was 30‑All or in a tiebreak. I mean, what is this? Is it Davis Cup or is it Wimbledon? After this match, the whole credibility of this tournament went down for me... But I don't do them, foot‑faults...

"Then like after I don't know how many, I stand a little bit back so they cannot call. They still did it, called. So it was outrageous, outrageous. It's Wimbledon, Centre Court, and they do this. I mean, this is BS. I feel cheated. On a Grand Slam, Centre Court...

"Right now I'm angry about it, little bit pissed, because I don't expect it here. Even though it is against English guy who they always want to win, but I don't expect it here."

Murray responded: "That's very tough to question the integrity of Wimbledon. I mean, it's got a lot of history, a lot of tradition. There's been hundreds of thousands of matches played here over the years. I've never heard that before. But I need to see the videos. If there was 11 foot-faults called against him and every one was incorrect, then that's completely wrong and unfair. But for it to happen that many times, you would think there would have been a number of fairly obvious foot-faults, because you don't really see them called that much nowadays. Very rare. If it turns out that he wasn't foot‑faulting, if I was him, I'd be very, very disappointed."
let's discuss not men's tennis but Wibledon officials , who are increadibly biased and rooting for British players. Frankly speaking what is happening at Wimbledon is a disgrace.

Let's not forget roof which is closed not for WTA players, let's not forget what matches are at central court (any British player vs any top 10 = CC) etc, now linesmen cheating in favour of Murray and if i am not mustaken for some british girls either
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Tennis officials are infallible and perfect.
full credit to Murray, that even he didn't tell this and casted doubt on it
I don't think it would be an unwise policy to bring in foreign officials when home players are on the court.
good point:yeah:
In your opinion :rolleyes:
British biased official detected on TF :lol:
Baltacha VS Kvitova was scheduled for court 1 and ended up being played on court two. Next.
but still scheduled for court 1 , as for where it eventually ended depends more on weather and other matches
1 day CC Heather Watson (GBR) Iveta Benesova (CZE)
2 day CC Andy Murray (GBR)[4] Nikolay Davydenko (RU
2 day C1 Jamie Baker (GBR) Andy Roddick (USA)[30]
4 day CC Andy Murray (GBR)[4] Ivo Karlovic (CRO)
4 day C1 Mardy Fish (USA)[10] James Ward
5 day CC Agnieszka Radwanska (POL)[3] Heather Watson (GBR)

+ Petra-Baltacha orginally scheduled for C1
british players on british show courts at a british tournament. OH.MY.GOD what are they playing at!?
so on British Olympics we will be watching 70% of time british sportsmen ? right?

and in sprint 7 sprinters will be DQ in the final for false start and the winner will be British ? right?
IVO KARLOVIC will make a formal complaint to Wimbledon and demand a public apology if technology can show line judges were wrong to foot-fault him during his defeat by Andy Murray.

The All England Club have confirmed they will take any official complaint seriously but are powerless to investigate events on Centre Court further until they have one.

Croat Karlovic claimed to have been foot-faulted “11 times” during Thursday’s four-set defeat and, while he exonerates Murray of any blame, he feels the whole of Wimbledon has become biased in its determination to crown a British champion.

“I believe we are going to make an official complaint,” he said. “If it does show I did not foot-fault, I would like a public apology from Wimbledon.”
The BBC did not at any point show replays of Karlovic’s feet – despite live exhortations to do so by commentator John McEnroe – and the player himself claimed footage shown on the international feed of one call showed him to be an inch behind the line.

“I only know it is very strange that the BBC, with all their technology, did not replay,” he said.

Karlovic pointed the finger particularly at a female judge who made four of the calls.

Ok , Karlovic accuses Wimbledon of cheating. Why don't they do anything to stand up for their reputation?
Plus, the linescrews are changed every 20-30 minutes. Obviously, everyone is biased. Even the foreign ones. Next.
why not just show video footage? slow motion , they have innumerous number of cameras on the central court. If Karlovic is not right, fine him for insulting officials.

Why are they acting like Putin falsifying elections results?
He should have complained while they were still playing. Tell the umpire, called the officials.
he could do nothing according to the rules, even if he asked supervisor he simply wasn't able to give any provement to his words being on the court . It's the same story as with "offside" goals in Spain - Korea match in soccer World Cup 2002 , where referees and linesman didn't let spanish team win 2-0
Moreover , he told that he had to start to serve deeper behind the baseline , because this footfault calls were oppressing. Definitely he was nervous , it's not like about 7 or 9 points , but a great mental pressure for the whole match

Ivo is writing an official complaint , they will have to investigate this case, despite they want (as it seems to me) to hush it up
This really is a quite daft suggestion when you think about it. How could a player possibly be in a position to challenge a foot fault call? At the time of the transgression they are looking in exactly the opposite direction, at the ball above their head. They would have no information whatsoever to base their challenge upon. It is complete nonsense when a player questions a foot fault call (much less accuses line judges of cheating or threatening them with acts of violence) since they have no way of knowing if it was correct or not.
nonsense is when a player may get a foot fault call and he can't check , even if he served staying a meter behind the baseline
wait, how can a footfault call be reviewed? :eek:
the same as goal in hockey can be reviewed , Slow motion replay
'The woman line judge called six or seven and someone else three. Maybe she doesn't know the rules. Who are they hiring here? She didn't look old so her reflexes and eyes should be OK. I'm not saying I would have won because he played unbelievably. But I was not given an equal chance.'

Karlovic also said that he has had support from 99 per cent of the other players in the locker room and called for the introduction of a system similar to Hawk-Eye to avoid a similar situation happening again.

'Everybody who was watching thinks it is unbelievable,' said Karlovic. 'We have to have cameras looking down the line. They can call it Side-Eye. Maybe I'll trademark it.'
Using the Daily Mail as a credible source automatically voids your argument
is "The Telegraph" credible?

ivo karlovic ‏@ivokarlovic
Anyone who knows me can confirm that I'm not a sore looser. But this is too much. 10 foot faults? Cmon. I never do foot faults.
ivo karlovic ‏@ivokarlovic
Today in doubles I had 10 foot faults again.. NOT.
The principle of the Hawkeye system is that if the player, having watched the ball and seen it land, thinks the linesman is wrong then they can challenge. You could not have a similar system for foot faults because the player is looking in opposite the direction (up at the ball instead of down at their feet) when the call is made. The player would have no information upon which to form a considered opinion and no to basis upon which to challenge. Unless they are going to challenge every foot fault call, which 99% of the time would be a waste of one of their challenges, how could a player make use of such a system?
one FF challange for a set will be enough not to let officials cheat or not to call Foot faults when they are not sure about it

I just rewatched tiebreak in slow motion, Karlovic was foot faulted 1) when he aced an then lost on second serve a point 2) when he missed first serve and being foot faulted again was too nervous and made DF

Tiebreak was finished 7-4 in Murray favour , without FF call it would have been 6-5 and 2 serves for Ivo next

I tried to find the difference between Ivo's good serves and serves which were called fault...... Didn't notice any difference. If that was a Foot Fault , than Murray has made them either

PS, i watched only TB forth set
But whether the costs of developing and implementing such a system would justify this minor educative goal is questionable
the stake is 2mln dollars as a prize money for one of the sportsman...... Sport should be less subjective, more objective

When sometimes linesmen don't see a 15 cm Out , why must players believe that they can see foot faults with 100% accuracy? Jusr let them check it and there will be no arguments
but in recognition of the fact that linespeople are only human and sometimes make mistakes
being human and making mistakes doesn't automatically eliminate cheating case. It happens in soccer , very often in volleyball, definitely in NBA and according to you only tennis is free from this "human nature"

It even happened in gymnastics at Olympics and is regular in figure skating......

My offer
1) player can check one foot fault call per set (one if he is not right)
2) linesman who committed a mistaken call should be substituted

I don't want to watch matches, in which Tiebreak is won by dubious FF call.....

Sport should be as much objective as possible , now we have net sensor, Hawk Eye and soon grunt-o-meter , just add FF replay and tennis will be more real sport , like track and field , and not like figure skating
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The fact of the matter is that at this point in time the person who has most to explain is Karlovic himself. He has gone on a rant similar to yours, instead of calmly pointing out that he thought there were a lot of doubtful calls, and asking the tournament referee to investigate that. I'd be surprised if he doesn't end up with a pretty hefty fine for his repeated hysterical comments.
we are in 21 century , Accusation of cheating is being covered by all newspapers and sports channels. Where is the reaction of Wimbledon and BBC? is it really hard to show to the public that all these calls were right?

if i had the video footage, i will need maximum a day to make a report on this case, why are they hiding in the bushes, trying to hush it up?
I know all British will sign that even 245 Foot Fault were legitimate
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