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VIDEO: Jelena Dokic [AUS] vs. Monica Seles [USA]

:cool: Open Gaz de France 2002 Semifinal (3rd set) :cool:

Full third set in 2 parts. Each part is about 17-18 minutes long. This is a high quality match filled with great drama. Dokic even starts crying over some line calls at one point. :p I apologize to those who have trouble using Megaupload, I will try and have it up on a server as soon as possible. Each part should take anywhere between 20 minutes - 2 hours to download, depending on how fast your connection is and how much traffic there is at the time.

For people who have trouble with Megaupload, if you try clicking the download once and it doesn't work, try reloading the page and downloading again. Sometimes it works after a few tries. Another possible solution is to get a Download Manager if you don't already have one. It's a program that organizes your downloads neatly and allows you to recover broken downloads if they fail for whatever reason. [ To download Internet Download Manager, go here: ]. Again, I'll try and get it up on a normal server as soon as possible. :)

Please, I encourage everyone to let me know your thoughts on the match, and if it actually works for you. The more replies the better. Hope you guys like it.

Enjoy. :wavey:
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