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There were 2 survivors at the last day of RR matches @champion88 and @Buitenzorg and both picked Badosa who lost. This had as result our game and the 2021 season to end. Congrats to both for making to Day 6 which is very tough. The YEC tournament is by far the toughest tournament for suicide since there are very limited options from the first day and since all players are top 10 there aren't very clear favourites (at best the chances might be 60-40 at a match). Plus at the last matches of the RR some players might not care if they win or loose which makes our task to reach SF much harder. Although I was surpriced that none of the survivors picked Swiatek for Day 6 who was the logical pick to me.

So we need to declare a winner. @champion88 and @Buitenzorg had exactly the same picks every day so we need to go to the next tie-break rule which is to look at backups. For the first 2 days they had same BUs (Muguruza, Badosa), for Day 3 and 4 @Buitenzorg didn't pick any BU while @champion88 picked Pliskova (L) and Badosa (W), for Day 5 none had BU and for Day 6 both had Swiatek. Therefore @champion88 is our YEC champion !!! Congrats !!!

Wish you all have a nice off-season and hope we will all be here again to play suidice at 2022 !!!
21 - 40 of 43 Posts
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