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Filderstadt R16 Matches

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As the draw shapes up, have ourselves 7 very tantalizing round of 16 match-ups for tommorrow, w/ Justine having 2 full days of rest before she has to play her quarterfinal on Friday :mad: ... it is almost like tournament organizers are trying to get Justine the #1 ranking anyway possible ... :( ... if this was the USOPEN ala Jen, people sure would have started complaining about favoritsm

1) Clijsters vs Hantuchova
Schnyder vs. 5) Mauresmo

4) Capriati vs Pierce
Maleeva vs. 8) Rubin

6) Myskina vs Bovina
Sugiyama vs Davenport

7) Dementieva vs. Farnia
2)Henin - Hardenne

my picks

1)Clijsters (all depends on Kim's injury but if she is ok Daniela dosen't really have much of a chance ... Kim in 2 easy sets)
5)Mauresmo (battle of underachivors w/ wicked slices will favor Amelie since she has the bigger shots ... Amelie in 2 sets)

Pierce :bounce: (Jen hates indoors and is rushing to go back to florida ... Mary has gotten in better shape since USOPEN and wins battle of laser-corrected vision in 3 sets)

Bovina (Bovina is due for another big win and tired Myskina's win streak stops here!)
Sugiyama (I think Lindsay is not ready for this tournament but this match will tell us alot about her career path ... Ai played well against Anna and will move Lindsay around ... Ai in 3 sets)

7)Dementieva (too much firepower for Farina ... Aloyna in 2 easy sets)

what do you think?
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My picks:

1. Clijsters over Hantuchova in 2 sets... if she is rusty/still very injured hantuchova may win though
2. Mauresmo over Schynder in 3 sets... this will be a good match-up of 2 very talented players
3. Pierce over Capriati in 3 TOUGH sets... jenny hates indoors, pierce is playing well... plus i still think jenny is shaken from the open and last weeks' defeat in the hands of bovina
4. Maleeva over Rubin in 3 sets... this really could go either way but i like maleevas chances for some reason, mostly because of how poorly chanda played today
5. Myskina over Boina in 3 sets... nastya will be challenged again, but will prevail
6. Davenport over Sugiyama in 3 sets ... once again, iif lindsey is still hurt then ai could take this but i honestly dont see sugiyama doing THAT much damage with her game
7. Dementieva over Farina Elia in 2 sets... elena will dominate, something like 6-1, 6-2
8. HENIN-HARDENNE BY DEFAULT [they are cheating her into the number 1 ranking haha]
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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