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I am sure everyone remembers the infamous fight in the stands in the third set of one of the most epic matches in the Chris-Martina rivalry, the 1981 US Open semi-final. They stopped play until about six policemen carried out the troublemaker (who I think had intervened to stop someone who had been heckling earlier).

But I was surprised to see a fight also break out at their 1984 French Open showdown. It happens at exactly 30:00:

Is there something about the Chris-Martina rivalry that encourages fighting? The only other examples I can recall in women's tennis is when Yulia Berbereva, the feisty mum of the three Maleeva sisters, got stuck into some journalists in the stands (in Canada?).

[Hana, of course, enjoyed launching tennis balls into the stands in some of her wilder moments]
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