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USA vs Belgium

Belgium has no chance without Kim and Justine. Even if the US only have Team C playing. I don't see Venus or Serena playing, Jen would not play. Lindsay is injured. So leaving them with Team B. Chanda, Meghann, Lisa and Alex. I want to see someone else play though, maybe Laura G.

USA- Belgium 5-0 ... except if Callens or Flipkens could make a surprise.

France vs Russia

With the other SF missing their top players, this would be the real final IMO.

Amelie, Nat D, Emilie and Bartoli (Razanno is out injured) Cohen Aloro or Pierce are 2 other optional players.

Russia has tons of players, they would be dangerous no matter who will play. With Elena D, Anastasia, Nadia, Vera, Lina, Svetlana, Elena L and the list will go on and on and on.

Amelie is France's key. She could win her 2 singles, or France will lose 0-5 if she doesn't play or playing like crap. But they are playing in Russia so the Russians could take advantage to take out Amelie

I say Russia wins 3-2 with Amelie playing at her best... or 5-0 Either Amelie doesn't show up or if she is below par.
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