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Fed Cup I (2018), World Group I and II

World Group I
[1] [H] Spain (*Vanessa Callejas, Vittoria Perez)
[H] Australia (*Fleri Hingisafrilia, Tina Faye-Falcon)
at Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia - HARD
Singles A: Vanessa Callejas vs. Tina Faye-Falcon
Singles B: Vittoria Perez vs. Fleri Hingisafrilia
Singles C: Vanessa Callejas vs. Fleri Hingisafrilia
Singles D: Vittoria Perez vs. Tina Faye-Falcon
Doubles: Callejas/Perez vs. Hingisafrilia/Falcon

[3] [H] Italy (*Giusa Benedetti, Regla Torres)
USA (*Jennifer Casanova, Dewonder Davis, Josephine Tyler-Malone)
at Accademia Tennis Napoli, Italy, - CLAY
Singles A: Jennifer Casanova vs. Giusa Benedetti
Singles B: Dewonder Davis vs. Regla Torres
Singles C: Josephine Tyler-Malone vs. Regla Torres
Singles D: Dewonder Davis vs. Giusa Benedetti
Doubles: Casanova/Davis vs. Benedetti/Torres

[4] France (*Alessandra Dubois, Adalene Delacroix (CP))
Russia (*Oksana Mikhailova, Anastasia Nemayeva)
at Olympic Stadium, Moscow, Russia, - HARD
Singles A: Alessandra Dubois vs. Oksana Mikhailova
Singles B: Adalene Delacroix vs. Anastasia Nemayeva
Singles C: Josephine Tyler-Malone vs. Anastasia Nemayeva
Singles D: Adalene Delacroix vs. Oksana Mikhailova
Doubles: Dubois/Adalene Delacroix vs. Mikhailova/Nemayeva

[2] [H] Sweden (Miranda Frost, *Xhaka Xmer Alina Patersson)
Germany (*Bianka Harlow, Sabine Graf)
at Uppsala, Sweden - GRASS
Singles A: Alina Patersson vs. Bianka Harlow
Singles B: Miranda Frost vs. Sabine Graf
Singles C: Xhaka Ymer vs. Bianka Harlow
Singles D: Alina Patersson vs. Sabine Graf
Doubles: Frost/Ymer vs. Harlow/Graf

World Group II - Round Robin - Surface is HARD and played in Heidelberg, Germany

Group I

  • Macedonia
  • Singles #1 - Magdalena Kovskaya
    Singles #2 - Madara Hadergjonaj (CP)
    Doubles - Kovskaya/Hadergjonaj
  • Iceland
  • Singles 1# - Arnthrudur Magnusdottir
    Singles 2# - Hrafnhildur Bjornsdottir
    Doubles - Bjornsdottir/Magnusdottir
  • Uzbekistan
  • Singles #1: Maria Abdiakova
    Singles #2: Alena Kobayeva (CP)
    Doubles: Abdiakova/Kobayeva
Group II

  • New Zealand
  • Singles 1# - Canterbury
    Singles 2# - Reinga
    Doubles - Canterbury/Reigna
  • South Korea
  • Singles #1 - Soojung Park*
    Singles #2 - Soojin Park (CP)
    Doubles - Soojin Park/Soojung Park
  • Canada
  • Singles 1# - Lindsay Raymond
    Singles 2# - Samantha Sorrenta (CP)
    Doubles - Sorrenta/Raymond


  • Captains of [H] please pick surface and location
  • * indicates captain
  • [C] indicates computer player with 80 points
  • Only captains can send points
  • Enter here; if name is bolded, you have entered
  • Sign in by 6 PM Sydney Australia Time by Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 to @Nikarock
  • Please send in points ASAP (Deadline is Friday, 8 AM US Central Standard Time) to @Nikarock


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I need to wait for Josh to tell me the home advantages; I have simply no idea about them - sorry! :(

Jennifer Casanova signs in for Team USA :)

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Shaitan Reinga is totally in for NZL and I suggest Rachel-Anne to be the captain :)

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Xhaka in for Sweden

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I can play for Singapore ...

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If Alina and Miranda both enter, Xhaka would like to stick to doubles, as suggested by her form..
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