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For any of you that have seen the official Fed Cup highlight videos, who the f*ck is that British lady who always commentates on them? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

How does she still have that job? She says everyone's names wrong. Lucie Hurradecka, Lesia Tasarenko, etc. :help:

She pronounces the "J's" in Bojana Jovanovski wrong and it sounds like Boggana Gjovanovski :tape:

She always messed up players with hyphenated names. She says Espinosa for Soler-Espinosa, Navarro for Suarez-Navarro, and Sands for Mattek-Sands :spit:

And I was unaware that Kirsten Flipkens changed her name from Kirsten to Kristen :lol:
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