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In terms of what I'll remember her for, and not all in chronological order:

IW 2004 vs. Karatantcheva
Whole Wimbledon 04 run
YEC 2004 F vs. Serena
AO 2005 SF vs. Serena, and some of the lead up matches in that tournament
Her 2005-7 matches vs. Venus
All of the RG 3-set thrillers
Her RG 09 comeback run
Stuttgart win against Azarenka in 2012
Beijing win against Azarenka in 2009
Rome 2012 F against Li
Fall of 2006 period in general
Miami 2006 drama vs. Golovin
AO comedy show vs. Pin in 2007
Her matches vs. Henin
Wimbledon 2014 vs. Kerber
Her matches vs. Halep, especially the "comeback" win at the USO in 2017
Rome 2018, which was probably her strongest post-ban tournament in retrospect

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Keep this thread free of Meldonium/drugs/cheating/doping etc talk. We have 900 other threads about that.

Whether she won or lost, whether you loved her or hated her, she was probably part of some of your most memorable matches. What are your favourite matches that Maria played in?

For me:

2004 Wimbledon SF vs. Davenport

I was team Lindsay for this, and I REALLY wanted her to win. However, the fact that Maria managed to come back and win was a sign of things to come.

2006 USO F vs. Henin

I always felt that Henin should win their matches but Maria was really impressive.

2007 AO F vs. Serena

Maybe Serena's best beatdown of Maria. I didn't really feel sorry for her tbh, because Serena was just amazing.

2011 Wimbledon F vs. Kvitova

Petra's coming out party.

2012 AO F vs. Azarenka

Again, Azarenka's coming out party. A huge beatdown.

2012 Olympics F vs. Serena

The beatdown of beatdowns for Maria. Very meme and gif worthy.

2014 RG R4, QF, SF, F vs. Stosur, Muguruza, Bouchard and Halep

Coming back from losing the first set in four matches in a row against 3 clay GOATs and one player in the form of her life. Very impressive.

2014 Wimbledon R4 vs. Kerber

A great match with some incredible points and drama, and a LOT of trouble for Angie to close out. An important one for Angie imho, who had struggled vs. Maria early in her career but by this stage was turning the tables on their rivalry completely.

2015 AO F vs. Serena

Quite a good showing by Maria, who almost got a set.

2016 AO QF vs. Serena

The one time I saw her play a match live, and the one where she tested positive before the drug ban (sorry, first and only time it'll be mentioned in this thread).

2017 USO R1 vs. Halep

A really unbelievable feat for Maria to beat the no. 2 seed like this.

2017 Beijing vs. Halep

Halep finally gets a win over Maria. A big moment for her.

2018 AO vs. Kerber

People were starting to believe Maria was actually on the ocmeback trail at this point with some encouraging results, but Angie destroyed her in emphatic fashion.

And plenty more I've forgotten from the early years, I'm sure!
Then please, forget about ALL of her 3-sets victories before 2016, especially on CLAY.

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Olympic final, by far!

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AO 2007 F - first big tennis match I remember watching on TV. I thought Sharapova would win because of her ranking. But Serena was just overpowering. Then we also have Olympics F 2012, harrowing.

Li Sharapova 2013 AO SF. Sharapova was in good form leading into this dropping just 9 games in 5 matches. But Li was just too good and mentally on.

Sharapova 2008 AO generally. Best I've seen Sharapova play at a consistently high level. She steamrolled Henin in the QF who was just battling to stay afloat.

Sharapova Safina 2008, famous "Allez up your ass" incident.

Sharapova AO 2010 loss to Kirilenko, quite a shocker, Kirilenko played very well.

Sharapova Niculescu 2019 Doha - quite a wicked encounter. Niculescu really fought hard to bamboozle her.

Sharapova - Ivanovic - Cincinnati 2014 - blood pressure. The swings!

Sharapova - Venus Williams Wimbledon 2007, a classic, as with Davenport 2004 SF.

Sharapova - Kerber - Stuttgart 2015. Sharapova won this event a few times, Kerber's grit here was phenomenal and she came up with some great defensive shots under pressure.

Sharapova Cibulkova AO 2014 - David def. Goliath sort of match, impressed by Cibulkova's resolve and firepower that would lead her to the final.

Sharapova - Safarova Miami 2014. Safarova pushed her close a few times but no cigar. Very tense match. Safarova got revenge at RG the following year.

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My favorite Sharapova loss was the 2005 US Open semi against Kim. One of the first matches of hers I ever saw. The way she saved 5 MPs in the second set was GOAT, but Kim was just too good in the third.

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Pova def Henin 64 60 or whatever AO 08 QF

The way she crushed the #1 was delicious to see, she couldn’t miss that day

Ivanovic def Pova 62 57 75 Cincy 14 EPIC SF

as a VIP fan that was the most exhausting match I ever witnessed.... so much drama, pressure down, the atmosphere, everything.
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