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u must remember togk 182, his computer got stucked or something like that, therefor he asked me to run this game, but i found out that there was only a player so i'll do some modifications.

Here r this game's modifications:

The rules will be simple, the normal events will be played in three sets, & the masters series & the grand slams will be played in five sets

In the events played in 3 sets, the points u'll use r 100 points divided in 3 sets

In the events of five sets u'll use 200 points divided in five sets

U'll be able 2 choose a player from the atp tour, the first 1 who picks the player will get it.

The doubles will be the same as singles, i'll just add the points of the both, & it'll depend on the event, master series, masters cup & grand slams teams will send in total 400 points, 200 each, divided in 5 sets, & in other events the doubles event will be in 3 sets, each team will send 200 points, 100 each player divided in 3 sets

The mixed doubles event will be like this:

The mixed doubles thing will be done with the both of the games that r running(or will be run), i hope ILUVJELENA doesn't has any inconvenniece, neither tennisace, the points will be send to [email protected], so it's oblygatory to u use another player's women's player, u can't use ur player, but u can use ur man player with the other's woman's player, & it'll be the same way as the doubles points r

Here r the points breakdown:

Grand Slam
R16: 15
R32: 7
R64: 1 (3)

Tennis Masters Cup
the 16 best players will play this event,& here is the points breakdown:


Here r the Master Series points breakdown:
R 64:1(3)

Here r the 1,000 USD points:
W: 60
F: 42
SF: 27
QF: 15
R16: 5
R32: 3
R64: 1

800,000 USD points:
W: 50
F: 35
SF: 22
QF: 12
R16: 5
R32: 3
R64: 1

600,000 USD points:
W: 40
F: 28
SF: 18
QF: 10
R16: 3
R32: 1

400,000 USD points
W: 35
F: 24
SF: 15
QF: 8
R16: 3
R32: 1

Remember that the points will be send to [email protected]

so sign up, & ask me anything bout this game, hope some ppl is interested

i'll tell every1 when the game starts soon, so plz sign up, btw i won't be playing
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