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Some points about your forum moderators:

What is a forum moderator ?

Forum moderators are posters that have volunteered their time to help maintain the wellbeing of the forum.

A forum moderator is assigned to a particular sub-forum on the board and has the clearance to edit / delete posts, threads and warn posters on occasions that they are not following forum rules.

Generally speaking they are posters that have a particular interest in whichever part of the board they're moderating.

Some sub-forums have more than one moderator assigned to them depending on their size / need for moderation.

If you have a query about a post / thread being edited / moved / deleted in a particular forum - your first port of call should be to contact the relevant forum moderator with your question.

What is a super moderator ?

This is a poster that has the ability to moderate posts / threads in any forum on this board.

They are also able to suspend / ban posters that are not complying with forum rules and have a role in poster disputes etc.

Again, they are volunteers.

What is an administrator ?

Site administrators are also volunteers. They are usually posters that were forum moderators or super moderators at some point that have moved into a different role.

Administrators have all the roles of a super moderator but additionally create new forums, deal with complaints about moderators, discuss forum rules and any other issues pertaining to the board.

Who is the webmaster ?

The webmaster is the lead for this site. He is not a volunteer and has direct links with the site owners.

How do I become a forum moderator ?

Generally speaking, when a vacancy for a new moderator arises - for instance because a new forum has been created or other posters have moved on from their moderating roles - then we invite posters to put themselves forward.

I want to become moderator of a forum that hasn't got a moderator assigned to it - how do I do that ?


How do we get a new moderator for our forum ?

If you want to demonstrate that your forum needs moderation - or that you current moderator is not managing the forum adequately - all of you need to report posts regularly.

It is the best way to objectively demonstrate to those of us that don't come into your forum that there are issues which aren't being addressed. Otherwise, we are relatively oblivious.

If your forum clearly demonstrates it needs a new moderator then there will be a open announcement but a private application system.

You cannot elect your own moderator by a public poll.

How do you decide on who becomes a moderator ?

Becoming a forum moderator has nothing to do with popularity though obviously it would need to be someone that regularly posts in and uses the relevant forum.

Once we have received all applications for a particular forum when advertised, we take into account previous poster reprimands, general opinion, look through their more recent posts etc.

The person chosen needs to have demonstrated that they are willing to make unpopular decisions if necessary and they are willing to demonstrate exemplary conduct wherever else they post on the board beforehand, not at the time of the appointment.

After discussing the applicants, gathering any extra information that is needed and ruling out any that are unsuitable, administrators vote on who should become the new forum moderator.

The poster with the most votes get the post.

How do the moderators communicate with one another / discuss matters openly ?

There is a moderator forum that is closed to all posters aside from moderators.

All reported posts generate a thread in this forum and each thread is replied to by the moderator that deals with the report. This means that every reported post is open for all moderators to see and discuss. It also provides a record for revisiting any queries at a later date.

In addition, there are threads to discuss particular issues with forums / posters / rules that need addressing.

There is also an administrator forum where moderator appointment / complaint discussion and communication with the webmaster is available for administrators. This is closed to all posters aside from super moderators, administrators and the webmaster.

Who are the forum moderators / super moderators / administrators - is there a list ?

Yes. It can be found here:

All posters listed should be available for contact via private message - if they do not have their private message function enabled, it is usually because they are on holiday.

Regarding the list of administrators, please note that if an administrator's name appears in bold then they are active. If their name is not in bold then they are inactive.

There is no point in contacting an inactive administrator regarding an issue on the board as you will not receive a reply. Their names remain on the administrator list because they may become active again at any time but it is worth checking this list before contacting someone and getting upset because they did not reply.
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