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[Exhibition] Dubai Princess Cup 2010

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In with Anna Chakvetadze
no risk shots during groundstroke exchanges. only for serves and returns.

the match seemed fun for u 2. lol
not liking winners being hit off serves will be a little petty cuz it seems many like the current rule about risk shots.

lol, i hardly use risk shots on returns because many ppl have great serves and are good at mixing it up. at times a regular return works for me.
lol at the draw. as usual there are more Russians than any other nation competing in a tournament.
^^^^ wow.
slugfest!!! EPIC-ish....
omg darkchild gave me a beatdown :sad:

M. Bartoli d A. Chakvetadze 6-2 6-4

the first set was competitive for the first four games, until Bartoli broke my serve. i wasted three break points in one game during the first set, like my fave, but unlike Venus, I couldnt pull through.
The second set, i was down 0-2, broke and held for 2all, we held serve, i once again didnt covert break points :sad:. I fought off one match point at 5-4. but Bartoli returned my final serve, i thought it was gonna go out, but to my bad judgment, it stayed in. my risk returns came and went. My serve went to the Australian Open during the match:fiery:. Im a mess :help::sad: lol.

darkchild has some amazing strategies:worship:, even tho Cake shouldn't have been able to reach some of my low angled crosscourt shots. lol
M. Bartoli def A. Chakvetadze 6-2 6-4
So many intense rallies.
u tried to give me some pep talk about my timing and everything, you played amazing.

Damn i wish this was round robin lol
yes, good luck to u all. i want to see some exciting results.
you're making a couple of rivals huh?? lol. at least thats what i perceive.
LMAO exactly

matter of fact, you may never know, Chakvetadze might inadvertently throw and inanimate object at Anna-Lena causing her to dive down a flight of steep stairs. :devil:

only fun lol. you have no rival in me King Fed :worship:
i wanna see some results!!!

:fiery: wish he would of been m.i.a for my match against him :sad:
The final I've been waiting for. hmmm, i predict 7-5 6-4 Darkchild.
If i won six, i know you can take it to a third set:yeah:
my 6-4 7-5 prediction was pretty close.

so ALG seeded 1 for Aussie
^^^ LOL yeah, you're right. Well the scoreline was close.

*** wait, the other way around 7-5 6-4, well same difference lol
Once I have the subsciption xbox live code...Do i need to make an account on the internet or just enter the code???
I truly cannot remember, try the code, and follow the mentioned steps. I think it asks if you have a hotmail, or live email account to link to your Live account. If not, you'll have to sign up for a hotmail account. At least that what i can remember. sorry i just can't remember the set up since i use my debit card
1 - 17 of 148 Posts
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