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[Exhibition] Dubai Princess Cup 2010

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How much to get Safina/Bartoli on the opposit side of ALG? If they happen to draw each first round, I'll double it.
ALG d. Pazsek 6-3,6-3

Match started off good. Pazsek had a good serve so I was hitting hgh and deep returns off first serves and risk shot returns on 2nd serves but then Pazsek started serving wide serve after wide serve from the far end of the court :tape: making it impossible to return so I had to risk return on the 1st serve as well.
I thought we agreed on no risk shots? From the word go, Justin was risk shotting :rolleyes: Cheap doing it when I saved MP and had a GP :eek:
Risk shots are allowed on return which is the only time i used them.

Cheap was you serving wide serves from the end of the court.
WTF? You do not hit 49 winners with normal shots when I hit a mere 14 :rolleyess:
you hit a weak return off of most of my serves. it wasnt that hard hitting winners. Those were regular flat shots. As I said beore the tour started some people cant tell the difference between well time flat shots and risk shots. If you time a reglar shot well enough you can hit it extremely hard. The only risk shot winners I hit were return winners off your serve. My groundstroke stats were also higher than yours so I was able to hit harder than you were.
no risk shots during groundstroke exchanges. only for serves and returns.

the match seemed fun for u 2. lol
I only used them on serve and return but I see risk returns being banned at some point because some wont like winners being hit off their serves.
i've hit winners off of serves without even using a risk shot. and i suck at this game.:lol::help:
We play each other next. Our last match was pretty fun.
Good luck to Ivanovic, Bartoli, Safina and Clijsters.
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ALG d. Dementieva 6-3,6-3

Good match. Lots of long rallies. I'm trying to improve my slice so I used it quite a bit in this match. I mixed up the pace of my shots a lot. Overall I feel like I coldve been a little better on my serve but Im pleased with the result. Dementieva played really agressive especially compared to Pazsek. She did a good job of moving forward.
ALG d. Sharapova 6-3,6-3

Sharapova is 1st person Ive played who has been able to time the regular shot and hit as hard as I do without using risk. She actually used more R trigger returns than me. I started out mostly using L trigger topsin ngled and deep returns but I once I got broken in the 2nd set I had to blast a few. Few errors from both of us 30 winners from me, 21 from Sharapova.
All of matches have happened the same. I win the first set 6-3 behind one break of serve. I break early/midway through the 2nd set and at 5-3 I break again to win the match.
I’m afraid I’m the one that has to call you out on this, and I realise I sound bitter and sour but I’m not. I played a good match and I’m happy with that.

I just find it very strange that you don’t make a single return in my first 2 service games, only to make 4 service return winners in a row to break me at love. The same thing happens early in the second. Then I finally break you and it happens again, all of a sudden you read my serve perfectly and break, not at love, but with ease.

If I’m missing something here please explain, because my serve is hardly predictable, I use all directions, and even top spin and slice serve. So can you please explain how you sometimes return so perfectly in a single game, or are you just a master in the game and are we (or in this case me) just a silly noob?

I seriously don’t mean to offend you, but this is how I feel and I think I should be able to express this, for the sake of the game.

My return is incosnistent. In some matches I can time the return consistenly well and in some I can only do for brief momemnts (usually enough to get a break in each set.) I've spent a lot of time practicing the return and I can time it extremely well as long as I can read where it is going which during the games I broke you I was able to do. Change of serve pace doesnt bother me a lot. You served in different directions but at times you were a bit predictable and I was able to anicipate where you going to serve. You also served a lot to my better groundstroke which was odd. You served too many wide serves to the forehand in the deuce court and T serves to the forehand in the deuce court. Most of the bette returns I hit were off the fh.

Pat of it was skill. Part of it was luck (some of m good returns were close to going out). When I first got this game I was addicted. I used to lose a lot so I put in a lot of practice regarding my timing and especially my return. I know that even if my timming is off there will be at least one game in the match where I'll be able to string a few good returns together and have a shot at breaking.

Oh and you dont sound bitter or sour (Although Im not exactlyw hat there is to call me out on). I enjoyed our match and thought you played well. As a suggestion may I reccomend htting more body serves. You served pretty big and big serves into the body can often come as a suprise since most serve only out wide and down the T. They are also harder (for me at least) to hit risk returns off of.

It would be nice to have a match without negative feedback. First it was the risk shots but now that the've been banned and I havent used them in ralies I'm now being criticized for hitting a few good returns.
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you're making a couple of rivals huh?? lol. at least thats what i perceive.
At leat now if Anna-Lena happens to "fall" down a flight of stairs we know it was either Pazsek, Sharapova, or Hingis.
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