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[Exhibition] Dubai Princess Cup 2010

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In with cake Bartoli
M. Bartoli def A. Chakvetadze 6-2 6-4
So many intense rallies.
Nooooooooo! Cake wants a piece of Safina, Cake likes beating undeserving No.1s! :devil:
Are you online? Can we play now?
I can play from 13:30-16:30 (Australian Open time).
I will be on TF the whole time, just send me a PM or post here.
I am online now.
Bartoli def Ivanovic 6-2 6-1
Ana cracked after hitting 2 double faults in a row.
I just hold down the buttons as soon as I finish the last shot.
when do you want to beat me in the final darkchild?
LOL, maybe tonight? EST?
I am online now.
1 - 11 of 148 Posts
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