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[Exhibition] Dubai Princess Cup 2010

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Hingis is in :)
Ana Ivanovic def. Yanina Wickmayer 76 67 76 :eek: :eek: :eek:
Damn that was close!
Good luck everyone. :yeah:

Martina when is a good time for you? :armed:
I can play in half hour? you?:cool:
Sorry, I was in bed already when you posted this. :lol: I had an early start this morning @ 5:30am. :fiery:
When can yu play now, i have pretty much the whole day :cool:.

I think we need an extension on this match :angel:
Are you online now? :p
I can play now :cool:
Nice match Martina (Bezz) :yeah: It was a fun match, alot of rallies, mixture of flat, topspin and slice shots all throughout the match. :D
Yeah was a good match, i am pissed i lost though :p lol. The connection is bad with you too, yu live on a farm or something, or is australia just too far? ;).

Good luck for the next round :cool:
It's only an Exho... I'm sure'll you'll do even better at the AO. :worship:

I don't live on a farm, maybe it's just too far away and we get a poor connection. :shrug: Do you ever have a bad connection when you play other Aussies? :scratch:
I think i played against yuizaho or caraleede, or maybe both i cant remember and the connetion wasn't as good as it is when i play americans or europeans. Just have to get used to it i guess :help:
My connection is fine thank you :eek:
I am not blaming you for the bad connection, there just seems to be a bad connection between some countries lol, i know i have had tourble with japan aswel :p
Depends on the latency and occupancy of the provider ^^
Yeah, so not you ;)
1 - 9 of 148 Posts
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