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Kim Clijsters BEL (1)
Svetlana Kuznetsova RUS (27)

(no problem for both to reach 3rd Round, Kuznetsova is tough, but she's been losing easily to Kim this summer, i predict Kim in straight sets)

Meghann Shaughnessy USA (17) or Karolina Sprem
Vera Zvonareva RUS (13) or Ashley Harkleroad USA

(I would love to see the outcome of this bracket.... Vera, Meghann and Ashley are not in their top performance as they just got back from injuries, but all of these 4 have equal chance, but just because of the seeding and past results, i would say Vera will go thru)

Daniela Hantuchova SVK (9) or Marion Bartoli FRA
Patty Schnyder SUI (18) or Tanasugarn or Grande

(Daniela is in a major slump, if she is not carefull enough she will lose to Bartoli, same as Schnyder, if she's not on her top performance, both Tammy and Rita are capable to beat her.. I really wanted Daniela to play well again, so i will say Daniela..)

Lina Krasnoroutskaya RUS (26)
Amelie Mauresmo FRA (5)

(Too bad Angie has to play Amelie in the first round, she a good player, as much as i like her, i don;t think she can beat Amelie yet if Amelie is playing well. Cohen-Aloro is another promising talent, but not yet a major threat, would love to see the Lina vs Amelie match up, and i predict Amelie in tough 2 setters.

Lindsay Davenport USA (3)
Lisa Raymond USA (28)

(Way too easy for Lindsay, Lisa could do a little damage, but i don't think she could beat Lindsay)

Nadia Petrova RUS (19)
Amanda Coetzer RSA (14)

(Schett, Chladkova and Husarova can do some damage to this bracket, but if these 2 are playing well none of them could not beat this 2. I will say Nadia will beat Coetzer in 3)

Conchita Martinez ESP (12)
Paola Suarez ARG (24)

(I hope the red hot Paola can upset Martinez and spice up the draw in the 2nd week. Molik can beat Conchita if she could hold all her serves.

Eleni Daniilidou GRE (25) or Casanova or Zuluaga
Chanda Rubin USA (8) or Likhovtseva or Majoli

(This is another tough bracket, Chanda is still injured, Danilidou was exhausted... Chanda is the favourite, but i can see Likhovtseva go thru this bracket. although i really wanted Eleni to win)

Jennifer Capriati USA (6)
Maria Sharapova RUS or Ruano Pascual

(Who ever wins between Maria and Vivi will face Jen, i don't see Alex Stevenson as a threat as she is still injured, and never perform well in the GS except Wim 99 (4 years ago) If Maria can beat Vivi, she has a better chance to upset Jen... I say Maria will make it to 2nd week)

Nathalie Dechy FRA (23) or Amy Frazier USA
Elena Dementieva RUS (11)

(A very kind bracket for E.D, she hits the ball flat and hard, always a trouble, Nat D and Pale Amy are good, Amy can upset everybody when her game is on, but ED will go thru for sure)

Ai Sugiyama JPN (15)
Silvia Farina Elia ITA (20)

(No Problem for Ai chan, except Silvia can produce her A game, which never happened this summer)

Francesca Schiavone ITA (29)
Venus Williams USA (4)

(Venus is the fave absolutely, but will she shows up? if not Francesca will go thru..)

Anastasia Myskina RUS (7)
Magui Serna ESP (30)

(Myskina in 3... if she lost to Magui, which could happen, It is a proof that she doesn't belong in the top 10)

Jelena Dokic YUG (22) or Pierce or K.Srebotnik
Magdalena Maleeva BUL (10)

(If Mary can beat Katarina i think she will beat Dokic.. Mary vs Maggie is just a matter who wanted it the most. Maggie could make it to the top 10 if she does well in this tournament. I say Maggie in 3)

Elena Bovina RUS (16) or Safina
Anna Pistolesi ISR (21)

(Anna P is playing very well this summer, she just beat Anastasia M and VEra Z in New Haven, i say she will win either facing Bovina or Safina)

Marie-Gaianeh Mikaelian SUI (32)
Justine Henin-Hardenne BEL (2)

(Justine easily... no comments)

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So far, I see the first seed to fall is: Meghann Shaughnessy USA (17)
I want Daniela to win also, Marion Bartoli just had an injury right? I think she retired in LA tourney the other week.

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Nice analysis rhz !! I agree with you on most of them

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(Who ever wins between Maria and Vivi will face Jen, i don't see Alex Stevenson as a threat as she is still injured, and never perform well in the GS except Wim 99 (4 years ago) If Maria can beat Vivi, she has a better chance to upset Jen... I say Maria will make it to 2nd week)

NO WAY!!! Maria will probably lose to Vivi, but if somehow she manages to get thru, Jen will take her out in 2 straight forward sets. Maria has a strong future....just not yet... couple of more years before she is a real contender

I'm so current, I'm tomorrow.
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I'll have a go:
Clijsters v. Kuznetsova
Sprem v. Harkleroad (the upset section of the draw)
Vakulenko v. Grande/Schnyder
Krasnoroutksaya v. Mauresmo
Davenport v. Raymond
Petrova v. Coetzer
Martinez v. Suarez
Casanova (another upset) v. Rubin

Capriati v. Sharapova or Ruano Pascual
Sugyiama v. Farina Elia
Schiavone v. Williams
Myskina or maybe Foretz v. Cho
Pierce or Gagliardi v. Maleeva or Asagoe
Bovina or Safina or Gullickson v. Pistolesi (tricky little part of draw, but Pistolesi is hot now)
MGM v. J2H in the abbreviation battle.

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Long-time lurker around here, so I'll try to make my first post a keeper.

Break out the eye-drops. This is long!

First Quarter:
The big question here, obviously, is whether or not Clijsters can break through and justify a ranking and seeding that, to many people, seems undeserved. Granville had a strong start to 2003, but her results have cooled off as of late, so she likely won't put up much of a fight against Clijsters in R2. (27)Kuznetsova has the game to be a second-week contender at the slams in a year or two, but it's hard to imagine that she'll outplay her seeding here, especially with Cara Black as her likely opponent in R2.

(17)Shaughnessy, like Granville, showed signs of life early in the season but hasn't done all that much recently. The unfortunately-named Karolina Sprem, followed most likely by Maja Matevzic, is the kind of draw that Shaughnessy should get through, but rarely does. (13)Zvonareva, despite the nice prospect of a 2R encourter with Harkleroad, should continue her solid form in the slams and meet (1)Clijsters in the Round of 16.

The lower-half of the quarter is harder to call. (9)Hantuchova and perennial head-case (18)Schnyder are upsets waiting to happen-- Bartoli could send (9)Hantuchova out in the first round, and (18)Schnyder losing to the winner of Grande/Tanasugarn is a pretty safe bet. And, speaking of headcases who've never capitalized on their innate talent, (5)Mauresmo will likely have her hands full in the Third Round with (26)Krasnoroutskaya, whose recent play has made her a credible threat to make the second week.

Picks for QF: (1)Clijsters def. (26)Krasnoroutskaya.

Second Quarter:
There isn't anyone to threaten (3)Davenport in her section of the draw, much to the chagrin of Daja Bedanova's ranking... Realistically, (3)Davenport shouldn't have much trouble until the Round of 16. Assuming, of course, that the neuroma doesn't flare up. At that point, she'll most likely run into (19)Petrova, since (14)Coetzer rarely lives up to her seeding at the majors. Still, props to Coetzer for getting back to a top-16 seeding for the first time in a while.

The bottom half of this quarter, realistically, shouldn't give (3)Davenport much trouble, either. (12)Martinez has put together a solid year, who'll likely face the red-hot (24)Suarez in R3. (8)Rubin is seeded to come through here, but after her flame-out to Farina Elia at Wimbledon and with her health in question, some of the dangerous floaters in this section-- Likhovsteva, Zuluaga, Morigami, and Casanova (who should take care of (25)Daniilidou in the first round)-- all have to like their chances.

Picks for QF: (3)Davenport def. (24)Suarez

Third Quarter:
(31)Stevenson certainly gives the argument for selective-seeding practices some clout. If she manages to sneak by Loit in R1, "it-girl" du jour Sharapova should take her out in R2, setting up a marquee match-up with (6)Capriati. With Serena out, Venus in questionable health, and Mauresmo in the other half of the draw, J-Cap has to feel good about her shot at making a deep run. Unless, of course, Sharapova takes their match to 3 sets. In that case, look out...

(11)Dementieva is about as consistent as, say, Meghann Shaughnessy or Patty Schnyder, but her draw to the Round of 16 looks awfully cushy. Which, in all likelihood, means that she'll inexplicably lose to Perebiynis in the second round. Because that's what (11)Dementieva does. She finally wins a tournament after most people have written her off, and then does precious little for the rest of the year.

The bottom half of this quarter is easily the strongest in the draw. There's no reason to assume that (15)Sugiyama's career year won't continue at Flushing Meadows. Despite tough floaters Razzano and Pratt and Wimbledon quarterfinalist (20)Farina-Elia, she should live up to her seeding and meet (4)V. Williams in the Round 16. If Venus is healthy, she's the player to beat in this tournament. If the "abdominal muscle" injury is still a problem, though, (29)Schiavone has enough game to trouble her. For now, let's assume Venus is healthy. With Serena out, the draw is already open enough as is.

Picks for QF: (4)V. Williams def. (6)Capriati

Bottom Quarter:
The top-half of this quarter is where the effects of Serena's withdrawal are most evident. Even when considering the injuries of Rubin, Venus, and J-Cap, and the unpredictable Mauresmo, the streaky (7)Myskina has to be considered the weakest of the Top 8 seeds. Still, it's not like Nagyova has done a whole heck of a lot in the last year. (7)Myskina could theoretically make the quarters just because her draw is that weak. Yoon Jeong Cho is probably the most dangerous "dark horse" in Myskina's section.

Elsewhere, (10)Maleeva rarely brings her A-game to the slams and (22)Dokic has shown no signs of reversing her atrocious year, opening up the draw for, say, Mary Peirce to come through this section-- assuming that she gets by Katerina Srebotnik, arguably the toughest unseeded player, in R1.

The bottom-half of this quarter should play more closely to form. (16)Bovina could be in trouble if Safina plays well in R2, and (21)Pistolesi could use her Amanda Coetzer 2.0 game to annoy the Russian in R3, but it's hard to imagine (16)Bovina falling to anyone other than her most-likely R16 opponent, (2)Henin-Hardenne. Unless Marlene Weingartner plays out-of-her-head, there's no one in her section to hurt H-H. If Venus isn't healthy, H-H has to be considered the favorite for the title, what with the edge she seems to have developed over Clijsters.

Picks for QF: (2)Henin-Hardenne def. (7)Myskina.

Wow. I'm long-winded. ;)
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