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Pokémon Tennis

You receive an interesting e-mail.

Tennis heroes of the world! Once again the time has come for our beloved Pokémon to battle it out on the tennis court. This year's event promises to be even more special than the last.

As one of the world's best tennis players, I would like you to train a team of Pokémon and help them become super skilled at tennis. I'm sure that if they are taught by someone as amazing as you, the quality of the matches will be higher than ever. They will be allowed to use every move in their arsenal to get the ball over the net.

Please help make this event as spectacular as possible, and you will be handsomely rewarded!


((( To join this event, pick a team of ten Pokémon and PM it to me. Choose from the following list:émon_by_National_Pokédex_number

Any Pokémon from #001 Bulbasaur to #251 Celebi is allowed. Nothing higher!

The Pokémon you train will be stronger than others.

Pokémon types will also influence their strength (water is strong against fire, electric is strong against water, etc.)

The event format is a 256 Pokémon knockout tournament (five random ones will be added).

Two or more players can pick the same Pokémon, it will become even stronger (but not invincible!).

You'll win more stat points the better your team performs.

The event will take place from Monday till Friday next week, during the Monterrey tournament.

Good luck! )))

Signed up:


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Just a question. Just how realistic will the battles be?

Say if you have two fire types fighting against each other, how will you decide who wins? Randomly, or using your pokemon knowledge to decide which one has better stats and is overall stronger?

And what about 2 types that are neutral to each other? Say a fire vs electric battle? :p

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The battles will be done the same way as my tennis match simulations. Its stats (serve, return, attack, defense, stamina) will depend on how many people train it, and also whether it is "(super) effective" against its adversary or not effective at all. Like regular match simulations, the higher the stats the higher the chance of winning.

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It's fine, I'm happy to explain :)

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Ten players have signed up so far! You still have the weekend to assemble your team of Pokémon.

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I hope I can get the draw up today. As long as it's not posted, you can still sign up!

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Unfortunately Kristin Kreuk sent an invalid team, and she didn't respond to my PM. :sad:

The event will soon start.


Tuesday: Round 1
Wednesday: Round 2 + Round 3
Thursday: Round 4 + Round 5
Friday: QF
Saturday: SF
Sunday: Final

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Rules and Scoring

Trainer effect:
+3 to all stats for the first trainer
+2 to all stats for the second trainer
+1 to all stats for all consecutive trainers

Type effect:
Super effective vs. opponent type: +5 to serve, attack
Not very effective vs. opponent type: -5 to serve, attack

You accumulate points based on how far your team gets in the tournament.
R2: 1 pt
R3: 2 pts
R4: 4 pts
R5: 8 pts
QF: 16 pts
SF: 32 pts
RU: 64 pts
W: 128 pts

Points are added up, and you are ranked accordingly.


1st place - 8 stat points + secret item
2nd place - 7 stat points
3rd place - 6 stat points
4th place - 5 stat points
5th place - 4 stat points
6th-8th place - 3 stat points
9th-12th place - 2 stat points
Others - 1 stat point

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Pokémon in red have been trained by at least one player.

First Round

Voltorb vs. Shellder
Grimer vs. Tyrogue
Staryu vs. Celebi
Rattata vs. Magneton
Pichu vs. Starmie
Mantine vs. Stantler
Fearow vs. Gligar
Mareep vs. Jynx

Abra vs. Gloom
Sudowoodo vs. Yanma
Nidorina vs. Umbreon
Clefairy vs. Dodrio
Articuno vs. Persian
Natu vs. Caterpie
Igglybuff vs. Koffing
Smoochum vs. Ekans

Weezing vs. Dunsparce
Blissey vs. Magmar
Electabuzz vs. Chinchou
Magikarp vs. Ponyta
Sneasel vs. Nidoking
Shuckle vs. Cloyster
Ivysaur vs. Quilava
Larvitar vs. Totodile

Xatu vs. Lickitung
Forretress vs. Pidgey
Ariados vs. Espeon
Magby vs. Ho-oh
Delibird vs. Kingdra
Crobat vs. Arbok
Sunkern vs. Tentacool
Magnemite vs. Ursaring

Lapras vs. Murkrow
Dragonair vs. Porygon
Flareon vs. Suicune
Marill vs. Gyarados
Heracross vs. Wartortle
Chikorita vs. Gengar
Scizor vs. Eevee
Vileplume vs. Slowbro

Meganium vs. Wobbuffet
Tauros vs. Metapod
Chansey vs. Kangaskhan
Nidoran (male) vs. Azumarill
Ninetales vs. Taillow
Primeape vs. Corsola
Oddish vs. Typhlosion
Exeggutor vs. Aerodactyl

Kingler vs. Beedrill
Exeggcute vs. Krabby
Blastoise vs. Misdreavus
Rapidash vs. Electrode
Houndoom vs. Skarmory
Lanturn vs. Weepinbell
Raticate vs. Golem
Moltres vs. Houndour

Cleffa vs. Wigglytuff
Gastly vs. Miltank
Pupitar vs. Hypno
Aipom vs. Hoppip
Mudkip vs. Growlithe
Hitmontop vs. Poliwhirl
Piloswine vs. Dragonite
Granbull vs. Togepi

Kakuna vs. Goldeen
Hitmonlee vs. Tentacruel
Snorlax vs. Hoothoot
Doduo vs. Remoraid
Treecko vs. Elekid
Quagsire vs. Nidoran (female)
Tangela vs. Vulpix
Geodude vs. Rhyhorn

Pidgeotto vs. Spearow
Sunflora vs. Pineco
Smeargle vs. Kadabra
Pidgeot vs. Charizard
Bellossom vs. Bulbasaur
Steelix vs. Ditto
Scyther vs. Sandslash
Snubbull vs. Phanpy

Teddiursa vs. Muk
Sandshrew vs. Bayleef
Mankey vs. Golbat
Tyranitar vs. Pikachu
Pinsir vs. Jigglypuff
Venomoth vs. Machoke
Togetic vs. Ledian
Ampharos vs. Noctowl

Spinarak vs. Dugtrio
Mew vs. Nidoqueen
Golduck vs. Bellsprout
Flaaffy vs. Farfetch'd
Raichu vs. Beautifly
Qwilfish vs. Machamp
Charmander vs. Vaporeon
Octillery vs. Furret

Porygon2 vs. Weedle
Parasect vs. Torchic
Marowak vs. Mewtwo
Clefable vs. Victreebel
Machop vs. Horsea
Arcanine vs. Venonat
Raikou vs. Seel
Seadra vs. Hitmonchan

Mr. Mime vs. Kabutops
Omastar vs. Cubone
Feraligatr vs. Dewgong
Skiploom vs. Unown
Squirtle vs. Slowking
Butterfree vs. Slugma
Kabuto vs. Jolteon
Onix vs. Jumpluff

Psyduck vs. Venusaur
Rhydon vs. Diglett
Charmeleon vs. Magcargo
Entei vs. Haunter
Poliwag vs. Meowth
Omanyte vs. Nidorino
Girafarig vs. Lugia
Slowpoke vs. Wooper

Drowzee vs. Poliwrath
Dratini vs. Seaking
Zapdos vs. Zubat
Swinub vs. Paras
Sentret vs. Croconaw
Cyndaquil vs. Politoed
Donphan vs. Ledyba
Alakazam vs. Graveler
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