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Q. Can you analyze the Serena-Amelie match? What do you expect to see? Did you watch them play when Amelie beat her?
LINDSAY DAVENPORT: No. At the States we get no matches that are played in Europe on TV. It seemed like there were some really great, close matches.
There's two things. If Serena is playing at the top of her game, I think it's very tough for anyone to beat her. Also, you know, Amelie has said in the past she's felt a lot of pressure here playing in France. It seems like so far this tournament, she's handling it better.
You know, she needs to go out there and play some of her best tennis. If she can do it here, she's going to do it in the next round.

I guess she was watching on a scoreboard the way the rest of us did. ;)
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