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I was wondering how you guys wanted to "enter" events. I'm assuming that most players will play all the events. So I was think that I would just enter everyone into all the events unless someone tells me they're not playing.

For Pilot Penn, this is how I've decided to do the draw, I will put everyone's name in a hat, except the 8 quarterfinalists from Toronto. Their names will be "numbers" instead. I'll put the #1 seed (Toronto winner) at the top and the #2 seed (Toronto finalist) at the bottom. Then the #3 and #4 seeds (the SFists of Toronto) will be drawn to be placed in either the top or bottom part of the draw? With me? Just like they normally draw players. Then the #5-8 seeds (QFists) will be drawn to fill in the other sections.

From that point, I'll draw the rest of the players out. The reason I'm doing this is that we "won't know who the champion is" and I don't want to randomally draw the No. 1 vs. No. 2 player in round one of Pilot Penn.

Does that make sense? I thought this would be more logically if I did it this way. If you have any suggestions, please comment.

For the US Open, I think I might have another "late draw" so that we can determine who the "real top 8 seeds" are.

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So for like Pilot Penn draw, before all the results are known the draw could be like this:

# 1 seed vs. Mauresmo
Capriati vs. Rubin
Harkelroad vs. Irvin
#7 seed vs. Gubacsi

And then as the SFists, and finalist and champion are revealed, I will place them in the draw.

This is how I've decided to rank the players
#1 Winner of Toronto
#2 Finalist of Toronto
#3 SFist of Toronto (the player that loses to the champion)
#4 SFist of Toronto (the player that loses to the finalist)
#5 QF who lost to champion
#6 QF who lost to finalist
#7 QF who lost to #3
#8 QF who lost to #4

Does this make sense? Suggestions are welcome! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
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