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Enter Week 5 of the "Race to the Chase"

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Enter Week 5 "Race to the Chase"
I'll put up the Paris Gaz draw when i can. please post it if you see it first.

There were 20 entries in the Toyyo edition. Congrats to Hingis, her fans, and those who picked her:)


First a pity party please for your's truly(Rollo) and Way-the only two pointless ones this week. Dokic let us down!:sad:

Points earned were 6 for the winner, 3 for RU. Seles was the pick for 8 entries, but Hingis had the most at 10.

Had Kournikova beat Seles(and she came close) a Hingis-Kournikova double pick would have earned 9 points.

As a tier two Paris is worth 4 points for a winner, 2 for a finalist. Good luck and keep "Racing", we've only just started

Week 3 Standings

Saki holds onto the lead for the second week, but the rest are keeping pace.

*(points this week)


79 saki(*6)
74 Blessings and Aloha(*6)

72 SamL(*6)
71 Arantxa's #1 Fan(*6)
65 matthias(*3)
64 Rollo
62 Randy H(*3)
60 Tennisace(*6)
57 petosp(*3)
55 thefreedesigner(*6)
53 joao(*3) and JonBcn(*3)
51 Eza(*6)
45 Ted of Ted's Tennis and Williamz_Rulez-didn't play Tokyo.
43 BecoolSerenalover-didn't play Tokyo.
42 Arn(*6) and Philip(*3)
41 Way
40 Manuelanmaggielover(*3)
38 LucasArg-didn't play Tokyo.
33 roscoe111(*3)
08 JCapfan(*6)
06 Spyro(*6)

polishprodigy --didn't play Aussie, Tokyo
Sal U. Lite(*3)
veryborednow--didn't play Aussie, Tokyo

alezzz17--didn't play Aussie,Tokyo
Brian Stewart --didn't play Aussie,Tokyo
Go Conchi --didn't play Aussie, Tokyo

verve--didn't play Aussie, Tokyo.
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1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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