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Enter Week 5 "Race to the Chase"
I'll put up the Paris Gaz draw when i can. please post it if you see it first.

There were 20 entries in the Toyyo edition. Congrats to Hingis, her fans, and those who picked her:)


First a pity party please for your's truly(Rollo) and Way-the only two pointless ones this week. Dokic let us down!:sad:

Points earned were 6 for the winner, 3 for RU. Seles was the pick for 8 entries, but Hingis had the most at 10.

Had Kournikova beat Seles(and she came close) a Hingis-Kournikova double pick would have earned 9 points.

As a tier two Paris is worth 4 points for a winner, 2 for a finalist. Good luck and keep "Racing", we've only just started

Week 3 Standings

Saki holds onto the lead for the second week, but the rest are keeping pace.

*(points this week)


79 saki(*6)
74 Blessings and Aloha(*6)

72 SamL(*6)
71 Arantxa's #1 Fan(*6)
65 matthias(*3)
64 Rollo
62 Randy H(*3)
60 Tennisace(*6)
57 petosp(*3)
55 thefreedesigner(*6)
53 joao(*3) and JonBcn(*3)
51 Eza(*6)
45 Ted of Ted's Tennis and Williamz_Rulez-didn't play Tokyo.
43 BecoolSerenalover-didn't play Tokyo.
42 Arn(*6) and Philip(*3)
41 Way
40 Manuelanmaggielover(*3)
38 LucasArg-didn't play Tokyo.
33 roscoe111(*3)
08 JCapfan(*6)
06 Spyro(*6)

polishprodigy --didn't play Aussie, Tokyo
Sal U. Lite(*3)
veryborednow--didn't play Aussie, Tokyo

alezzz17--didn't play Aussie,Tokyo
Brian Stewart --didn't play Aussie,Tokyo
Go Conchi --didn't play Aussie, Tokyo

verve--didn't play Aussie, Tokyo.

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The Paris website:


1 Williams Venus 3 WTA USA
2 Henin Justine 7 WTA BEL
3 Mauresmo Amélie 8 WTA FRA
4 Seles Monica 10 WTA USA
5 Testud Sandrine 12 WTA FRA
6 Maleeva Magdalena 14 WTA BUL
7 Dementieva Helena 16 WTA RUS
8 Tulyaganova Iroda 20 WTA UZB
9 Schett Barbara 22 WTA AUT
10 Montolio Angeles 23 WTA ESP
11 Nagyova Henrieta 24 WTA SVK
12 Serna Magui 25 WTA ESP
13 Hantuchova Daniela 27 WTA SVK
14 Schiavone Francesca 30 WTA ITA
15 Kremer Anne 32 WTA LUX
16 Torrens Valero Christina 33 WTA ESP
17 Petrova Nadia 34 WTA RUS
18 Bedanova Daja 35 WTA CZE
19 Likhovtseva Elena 36 WTA RUS
20 Weingartner Marlene 40 WTA GER
21 Schnyder Patty 41 WTA SUI

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To enter please put in two picks. The second MUST be seeded lower than 8. Because the draw is coming out so late(Monday Paris time) I'll take entries until the end of Tuesday, Board time. It's ok to change or edit entries til then. Good luck!:)

PS-If you want to do like Matthias has done(see his post) that's fine too.

My picks:


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That noodle still stings....

Thanks for the draw saki:) I wondered when I saw that Graf-Vogue avatar last night. Change is good, maybe the "Race" leader board can change too, with me on top!;)

Sorry you missed the Tokyo thread Williamz-Rulez:sad:
If you feel you may miss a week or are going on vacation-you can always send me picks in advance using the private message. It's not the best way to enter because you don't have draws, but at leasr it gives you a chance to pick up points.

Michael Blue's WTA results usually has commitments, see
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