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R.I.P. Thank you!
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I'll put up the Tokyo draw when i can.

There were 22 entries in the Aussie Open edition:)

With the top seeds getting through, everyone got gobs of points, the lowest was 30:eek: -still a lot of points.

However, only one(sK:) picked Capriati as the winner, while 4 others picked her as a finalist.

No one picked Serra-Zanetti as a non-seed.

Points earned were 40 for the winner, 20 for RU, 10 per semi and 5 per quarters. If you think I made an error let me know. I has a lot to count and petosp caught me with my pants down
last time for not giving him his Smashnova points! :mad:

Now it's back to the tour grind. As a tier one Tokyo is worth 6 points for a winner, 3 for a finalist. Good luck and keep "Racing", we've only just started :)

Week 3 Standings

Blessings gets knocked out of the #1 spot by sk(congrats sk), the only one to correctly pick JCap. Other big movers were Arantxa's #1 Fan and SamL, now in third and fourththey got a big
:bounce: this week.

*(points this week)


73 sk(*70)
68 Blessings and Aloha(*60)

66 SamL(*65)
65 Arantxa's #1 Fan(*60)
64 Rollo(*60)
62 Matthias(*60)
59 Randy H(*55)

54 petosp(*50) and Tennisace(*50)

50 joao(*45) and JonBcn(*50)
49 thefreedesigner(*45)
45 Eza(*40), Ted of Ted's Tennis(*45) and Williamz_Rulez(*40)

43 BecoolSerenalover(*40)
41 Way(*35)
39 Philip(*35)
38 LucasArg(*35)
37 Manuelanmaggielover(*35)
36 arn(*35)
30 roscoe111(*30)

polishprodigy --didn't play Aussie
veryborednow--didn't play Aussie

alezzz17--didn't play Aussie
Brian Stewart --didn't play Aussie
Go Conchi --didn't play Aussie
JCAPfan --didn't play Aussie.
verve--didn't play Aussie

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Wow...I didn't pick Jenn to win or Martina in the finals and I'm in third place!

Don't count on holding that position for too long sk....ASV is here to capture it (Watch it just as I'm in reach of #1, the board crashes like last time on Sanex:rolleyes: )

R.I.P. Thank you!
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Now taking votes for Tokyo--still don't have the draw(please post it when it's up!:) but here are the entries. Remember, you get two picks, but the second must be seeded less than #8!

Tokyo doesn't start until Tuesday-so I'll take votes until 1 am board time on Tuesday. Good luck:)

2. Dokic
3. Seles
4. Testud
5. Farina
6. Dementieva
7. Maleeva
8. Coetzer


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OMG! I actually predicted something correctly! This doesn't happen often! The wierd thing was that my instincts were to pick a Jen d. Martina final but then decided that maybe I was overestimating Martina. :rolleyes:

Nevermind. I'll do Tokyo when the draw comes out.

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My Picks:

Monica Seles
Barbara Schett

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Here's the maindraw, also found in the Tokyo forum :)

Hingis bye
Fujiwara vs Weingartner
Salerni vs Tanasugarn
Bedanova vs Maleeva
Testud bye
Serna vs Schett
Tulyaganova vs Grande
Panova vs Farina
Coetzer vs Raymond
Q vs Q
Q vs Sugiyama
Bye Seles
Dementieva vs Q
Torrens-Valero vs Kournikova
Kremer vs Likhovtseva
Bye Dokic

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Martina Hingis, Iroda Tulyagonova

R.I.P. Thank you!
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Thank you so much for posting the draw Randy:)

You point is added Stellar Sam:)

I'm glad to see a high level of interest so far. Watch out Arantxa's #1 Fan, cause rollo is right behind you;) My instincts were telling me it was Hingis' "time", so I had her over Jen in the final. At least Jen is my fav.....

Love the avatar Sk-was that form Graf's "Vogue" layout?
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