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Informative said:
Get real and wake up korben! Head-to-Head "the Russians" as you put it are collectively 2-55 lifetime against Venus & Serena ALONE. And I'm absolutely certain that their record against Lindsay, Monica, Jennifer, Chanda and other Americans is just as bad. Your point of view is not only DEAD WRONG but laughably ABSURD based on the actual, real EVIDENCE...WINNING is what counts in sports not a lot of bullshit talk. Until the Americans are actually consistently BEATEN by the Russians or the Belgians or whatever pretenders you or others want to parade on this board all you're doing is TALKING LOUD & SAYING NOTHING!
Uhm excuse me but I think they are consistenly beaten by the Belgians this year? Didn't you watch tennis this year?
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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