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I can see your point, Korben -- sort of. When you look at the up-and-coming American juniors, it's difficult to see a future No. 1. But in 30+ years of following this sport, I've learned that the next champion can emerge very quickly. A couple of years ago, people figured U.S. men's tennis would be washed up once the Sampras-Agassi generation retired. Then, out of nowhere, along came Andy Roddick, James Blake, Robby Ginepri, etc. Roddick is a genuine Grand Slam contender, potential No. 1, and the rest are a bunch of talented guys as well. In particular, Roddick came out of nowhere -- he wasn't very successful in the early part of his junior career, then suddenly took it to another level. While I think Carly Gulickson is enormously talented and the best of the current American juniors, I just haven't seen enough of her to make a good call on her future. I suspect, however, that somewhere today in America is another young girl who will rise to the top or very near it of the women's game. As for the Russians, they are indeed coming. In fact, they've been here for a good long time now. I'm all for it, and hoping that the pool of talent won't dry up and the tennis will get better and better. For me, the international flavor of professional tennis has always been one of the main appeals. That's why I usually root for the Dally Randriantefy, Cara Black and Selima Sfars of this world! And even for the Emma Laines and sometime back the Nanne Dahlman and Petra Thorens!
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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