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korben said:
I know. But care to tell who from U.S. of A is in Top 10 in 2008 ? My guess, still. None. But you should know better :rolleyes:
To be honest with you, I reckon that in 2008 the entire top ten could be made up of Soviets. Thats only if Venus and Serena Retire of course.

If they do then I think Sharapova will be ruling the tennis world at the top, with Kutuzova, Kuznetsova, Krasnoroutskaya, Zvonareva, Douchevina, Petrova and if shes is injury free and 100% commited to tenis - Kournikova.

more realistically, in 2008 I see the top ten players like this....

1. Sharapova
2. Serena

in no particular order....

- Venus
- Kim
- Kutuzova
- Justine
- Sprem
- Zvonareva
- Kuznetsova
- Krasnoroutskaya
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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