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Els & Nicole losing?? :(

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I saw on the Australian Open website that Els Callens & Nicole Pratt are trailing 2-6 2-2 :(

They will continue the match tomorrow (Tuesday).

Go Els & Nicole!!!!:bounce:
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Daja Bedanova (CZE) & Kveta Hrdlickova (CZE) vs. Els Callens (BEL) & Nicole Pratt (AUS)[7] T/F 6/2 2/2 :sad:
no, I followed the match life on the scoreboard and I'm sure Els and Nicole were winning!
Yeah, I followed the match on the scoreboard as well.

Els and Nicole won the first set!
I was following it too so I guess it's an error on the website.
at least we were right about the first set! lol
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