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Leena here again.

First off, to posters like Eggy, Janie who are saying Lena had brain cramps... and that you're giving up on her :)mad: Janie)... STOP IT! You didn't watch the match, so you shouldn't make assumptions like that.

1) Cervanova played a great defensive match. She's like Lindsay in a way, since she was showing negative body language for most of the match... even when things were going her way. But, Ludmila kept running down every ball, making Lena hit more shots when needed... and since Lena was far from her best, Ludmila just did what was needed to win. She also mixed up serve very nicely, and Lena could never get a read on it.

2) Lena fought her heart out all match, but her game was just miserable. As we all know, Lena can only play one way: All Out Aggression. For all 3 sets... Lena just had no rhythm. Tons of mishits, and she even COMPLETELY MISSED two groundies in the match... on routine balls. When she's hitting like she did yesterday... she can lose to anyone.

The sad truth that I've had to come to grips with, is that Lena just isn't a top player. Her timing can just be so bad... and quite frankly, she's not very athletic. The ONLY way she can be a Top 20 player on tour is by using her size, going to net, and going for winners early in the point. When you play like that... you can't be consistent... and matches like this will happen.

After the match, Lena was distraught. :sad: She was in tears, and even remarked that "I tried much, but was not good enough". I've seen around 10 of her matches now, and many losses... and I've never seen her react that way. It bothers me that someone so kind and warm-hearted was so down like that. :sad:

Maybe a year ago, you could say that Lena had brain cramps... and lost focus... but SHE ABSOLUTELY DID NOT do that in her match, and it really bothers me that people are saying that. She really fought, and she knew that her game was off, but tried her damndest to get through it.

Lena will be back though. She'll have many more successful tournies in her career, and she'll have a lot of unexplainable losses.

Lena's ranking will tumble to about 30 after this loss... and she could drop out of the Top 50 considering what she has to defend until Aussie Open.

Give up on her if you want... I know she doesn't give a shit about what negative garbage you say and think about her. She'll keep working to be her best.

Today's match made me more of a fan... because she never gave in. She stuck with her game... unlike earlier in her career, trying to be more passive, in which a player like Lena has no chance of winning. She went for it. She failed. Shit happens.

Whatever though... I'm just bothered by some of the comments towards her, because they're not true in the slightest.
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