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(1)Irina Selyutina bt q-Emily Webley-Smith 75 63

All I can say is that Emily is back! :D She was absolutely brilliant today. She was 2-4 down, and came back to 5-4. She had a set point, but was unable to convert. I think teh big factor here was Iina's experience, she was able to pull it out 7-5. The second set was another close one, but Irina was able to get thebreak early on. Afterwards Emily said that she had never had so much fun on court ina long time, and just wished it had gone on a bit longer. She also admitted to getting a bit nervous, and that really cost her.

Amanda Janes bt q-Cecilia Quarracino 6-2 6-0

Amanda was all over Cecilia. It really wasn't a contest at all. Amanda is really pretty in person, and is a really ncie girl. I think she can take it to Irina tomorrow, especially is Irina isn't quite on top of her game like she was today.

Karen Paterson bt q-Dominque Van Boekel 6-3 7-6(3)

Karen went down 0-3 beacuse she was going for too much, but settled down and won 8 straight games ot lead 6-3 2-0. She had a match point serving at 5-4, but hit a dropshot wide. At 2-2 in the tiebreak the umpire made the worst call i ahve ever seen, it was IN! The line judge said in, but Dominique question, and circled the wrong mark (she did this alot of times against Neri yesterday), so teh umpire said it was out. Karen went mental. Thankfully she pulled it together and won :D

(6)Tessy Van de Ven bt Lyndsay Reilly 6-3 6-2

Linzi played really well. And the scoreline is rather unfair. She was striking the ball well, especially off teh backhand side. Her movement was a bit off, and Tessy was just hitting her from side to side for easy points. Linzi didn't get alot of first serves in, and that really cost her. I stil reckon Linzi has got what it takes to crack the top 400, she just needs a little bit of luck, and a bit mroe consistency from one match to another.

(3)Antoaneta Pandjerova bt wc-Mhari Neish 6-1 6-3

A group fo kids from Hawick had travelled all the way to Edinburgh to watch Mhari played, and she put ina solid, if nervous performance. Mhari has struggled with injury all year, and needed an injection to allow ehr to play. She was abit over-awed at the start, as Pandjerova was coming up with good shots. In the second, Mhari settled down a bit, and had several chances, but again nerves took their toll. All in all it was a good performance from pretty much ehr first showing in a challenger main draw, and she was pretty pleased just to be back playing, and playing well.

Daniela Salomon bt q-Chantal Coombs 2-6 6-3 6-3

Aargh Chantal, you had this. She was another Brit who was playing VERY well, but just didn't take her chances. She was amazing in the first set, barely missed a thing. Daniela played the big potins ebtter in teh second set, which allowed her to sneak it. It was very close until 3-3 in the third, when Chantal missed a couple of routine shots, teh result was being broken at 3-4, and Daniela served it out. Salomon is quite good, but I can't see her going much further in this event.

q-Elise Tamaela bt (6)Elke Clijsters 3-6 6-1 6-2

I'm sorry, but I still don't think Elise is that great. Elke played a shocker of a match, and still took the first set. In the other two it just got worse and worse. 'Tama' just hit the ball over the net, or made Elke go on teh run adn teh point was won. Elke disappeared after the match, then reappeared for he doubles, then disappeared. I don't think Elise will win this event, unless she is just saving herself.

Jaslyn Hewitt bt wc-Rebecca Dandeniya 4-6 6-4 6-3

Rebecca shoulda have won this. She was up a set and 4-0, then lost 10 games in a row. She got it back to 4-3 after some VERY long games, but after another 10min game, Hewitt finally won again, and i think this killed what little Becky had left. Jaslyn played pretty okayish today, and was really relieved to have won. Dandeniya hits the ball very hard, so I think she will make her next move up the ranks when she gets onto teh hardcourts. Hewitt vs Boulykina should be a really good match.

q-Jane O'Donoghue bt wc-Rebecca Llewellyn 6-4 6-2

Becky just keeps getting better and better. She is a real talent, and had Jane on the edge at all times. The first set was tight, could ahve gone either way, but Jane is much happier on teh clay, and this showed. If it had been on grass or hard, i honestly think that on today's showing becky would have won. The second set was tighter than the score suggests. I think Jane will win again tomorrow, as long as she is serving well.

(4)Marielle Hoogland bt q-Katie O'Brien 7-6(3) 6-1

For Katie read: Emily, Chantal or Dandeniya. She was up 4-0, then erved for the set at 5-4. She had 2 sp's, double faulted on the first, and hit a backhand into the net on the second. Then she broke again. And she had another set point. And she double faulted. From there it was all downhill, she started getting frustrated, rushing, and as a result missing shots she was previuosly turning into winners. Katie is a evry good player. I'd go as far to say she is better than Melanie South (though not by much). Today was a golden opperunity as Hoogland didnt start well. Shame she just got too nervous and in her own words "choked".

Verena Beller bt Karina Jacobsgaard 6-4 6-4

Didn't see much of this, but Beller plays a solid game. Karina didn't do much wrong, and it was very close. Just a few points here and there. Karina is also a really nice girl, always has a smile on her face and is very chatty. Also, when she shouts it is so funny, i thik just coz of the Danish language (no offense guys) but it sounds really funny.

(2)Hannah Collin bt Melissa Berry 6-3 6-2

Hannah played a good match. Mel played okay, but nothing special. There were some really great rallies in the match, which Mel usually ended up winning, she just made far to many errors. Hannah was serving well, and now that she has a new coach, is a lot happier with her game and I think she can slowly start to get back up to teh top 220, where she was just a couple of years ago.

And now the doubles. Schlotterer has gone home, so she and Karina have pulled out giving Karen and Chantal a walkover into the semis. Sekulovski has to leave tomorrow night, so she and Hewitt also pulled out.

Reilly/White bt Dandeniya/Quarracino 6-3 6-0

They played last week (and incidently had Hewitt/Sekulovski in teh 2nd round) but it was much closer. Linzi and Anna make a good team, and Linzi in particualr was playing fab tennis. This was pretty easy.

Beller/Clijsters bt Papadopolou/Van Boekel 6-2 6-1

Elke really turned it around for this and played some very nice tennis. Natalia wasn't as good today, and the result was a bit of a beating. This was teh quickest match of the day, lasting around 45 minutes.

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thanx again!

:eek: at some of the brits!

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Jane :bounce:

Team WTAworld, The Martian Llama
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Great reporting again Paul and having seen about every one of these matches, I can say I definitely agree with you!

Emily definitely played well, which gives her real hope for the future especially when you consider that Selyutina is about 250 in the world. She's definitely got the game to get up to that sort of ranking anyway.

Lol about that call in Karen's match. I saw that too and couldn't believe it either! It's good that she put that out the back of her mind though because that could have really changed the match and she could have lost the plot, lost the tiebreak and had real problems. Good match from her and definitely capable of beating Van De Ven tomorrow.

Definitely agree about Linzi, you said what I briefly said in the other thread. It really was an example of just a few points here and there. I was impressed with her today and I hope she can get back on the winning trail, don't see any reason why she shouldn't. Even more so after seeing her doubles match today, she was the best player on court by far and played some cracking points.

Was always going to be tough for Mhari, up against a far more experienced player. Hopefully she'll learn from this match.

I was actually amazed that Chantal especially lost because when I last saw her match, she cruised through the 1st set and started the 2nd well, real shame for her. Same with Katie, I left at her leading 3-0 in the 1st and was sure she'd go onto win.

The Elise v Elke match disappointed me. Elke didn't really seem too interested and that was the frustrating thing for me. I don't really see Elise going on to do a lot, she'll win matches but she's not someone that I can see breaking into the top 100-150.

I never knew that Rebecca had such a lead in the 2nd. I only saw the final set of that match. I'd agree about her making an impact on the hardcourts and someone that seems to like coming to net as well, which would also work on the faster surfaces. Jaslyn's main failing seems to be that she doesn't have any sort of real big shot.

Never got to see any of Jane's match (finished before I arrived) or Hannah's match (I had to leave after Emily's match) but did see Jane practising.

Really hope that Karen and Jane can win tomorrow, although it won't be easy. Also same with Anna.

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Thank you again, these reports are fantastic Paul!

Love hearing about the matches.

Irina vs Hewitt will be a classic. Irina impressed me last year. I would expect Irina to win only because she has played more matches this year and is more match tough, where as Hewitt is coming back from an injury and has hardly played.

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OMG! Finally other people realise what I have been saying: Elise isn't THAT good! Poor Elke! :sad:

Well done Tessy and Marielle though! :D
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