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I'll start with the qualifying matches first :)

O'Donoghue vs Jonkman

I think i forgot to say this yesterday, but Jonkam is single handed forehand off both sides. It's pretty amazing to watch. Not that you had that long to get a look in as Jane was playing very well, striking the ball well. Her serve was working today, so she was always gonna win it. Jonkman's style i think hamers her as much as it helps.

Game set and match O'Donoghue 63 61

Coombs vs Fong

Rebecca came from nowhere to win the first set. She was playing really well, and i think Chantal was a bit surprised. Chantal got back with it in the second and won it easily. Teh second was a battle, but after a long early game, Combs got the breakthrough and i think Fong's spirit left her.

Game set and match Coombs 46 61 63

Webley-Smith vs Kuratli

Another easy win for the returning Emily. She is playing pretty much back at 100%, but her movement is still a bit iffy. Kuratli has absolutely nothing in her game, though she is quite pretty. This match was the quickest, lasting under an hour. I think Emily will be back into teh top 600 pretty quickly.

Game set and match Webley-Smith 60 62

Natalie Neri vs Dominque Van Boekel

Poor Natalie :sad: She had everything against her. The umpiring was atrocious. Plus Dominique (a lovely girl ooff court) was doing everything to put her off. Fast feet when Natalie was trying to serve, asking her to "wait, wait, wait" over and over again. Neri couldn't get into her rythm and was made to pay for it. Van Boekel is an alright player but nothing special, Neri actually played better, but just not on the big points. She also made the more errors. Neri twice went a break up in the second set, only for Van Boekel to break back, usually by distracting Neri which resulted in a big DF. Neri had a really bad call agaisnt her at 3-3, and she didn't win another game. As she quite rightly put it "that guy (the umpire) is a total knob". Natalie had to leave beacuse she can't afford to stay another night, only if she had won could she have afforded it with her prize money for a round 1 loss.

Game set and match Van Boekel 63 63

Katie O'Brien vs Alice Mackenzie

Katie won the first set 6-1, but pretty much every game had at least 2 or 3 deuces. In the second, Alice went ahead, and Katie started to get really down on herself, before recovering to lead 6-5. Alice saved a match poitns to force the breaker. In the tie-break Alice pretty muich fell apart, spraying balls everywhere. Alice has really come on alot, and it's only a matter of time before she makes her move up the ranks.

Game set and match O'Brien 61 76(1)

Elise Tamaela vs Vanessa Wellauer

To be honest, i'm starting to wonder what all teh fuss about Tamaela is. She really sin't anything that special, or at least she wasn't today. Wellauer probably played far better, but just hit a few errors here and there at the wrong time. After a ton of deuces, Tamaela got the bagel in teh first set, but Wellauer started to hit back, making Tamaela look really pathetic as she pushed her back and forward, side to side. Wellauer served for 5-1, but after a long game (around 15 mins) Tamaela got it with a very luck let cord, and Vanesa started to loose her way. If Elise doesn't pick up her game, Elke will give her a thumping.

Game set and match Tamaela 60 64

Karina Jacobsgaard vs Carly Homewood

These two met last week in teh final qualy round. And i think that played on Carly's mind, seh really wasn't going for her shots. Although seh has very little power, Carly is very consistent, and can trade shots from the back. Carly went up a break to lead 2-1, then Jacobsgaard went up 5-3. Carly saved a couple of set points to get to 4-5, serving for 5-5. After leading 40-15, she hit 2 DF's, and started to get a bit nervous. The result was a break adn the loss of teh first set. I was sitting beside Neri who had just finished, as she commented. Just like last week, a tight first set and then she crumbles. I think the last point of the match said it all, Carly set up teh point well, had a very easy smash from literally half way inside the service box, and she smacked it into the net.

Game set and match Jacobsgaard 64 60

Cecilia Quarracino vs Hannah Grady

After Cecilia's poor showing against Thomas yesterday, i thought Hannah could win this. The first game of the match lasted half an hour. The mens match had already gone through a set and they were at 1-1. The match was of good quality, lots of long rallies and plenty of deuces. Hannah was always behind, but had plenty of chances to turn things around, coming from 5-2 in the second to 5-4 before finally bowing out. She was rather disgusted with herself, and rightly too. She really coulda had this.

Game set and match Quarracino 63 64

Okay and now the 4 main draw matches played today :)

Nadine Schlotterer vs Suzanne Van Hartingsveldt

Nadine is stunning. She is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately that doesn't make you a good tennis player. The first set was horrible, Nadine couldn't get the ball in court. The second was much tighter, and the crucial game was at 3-3, which had a about half a dozen deuces. Nadine had a couple of break points, failed ot convert, and when Suzanne won the game you could sense Nadine had given up hope. The tournament staff were sad to see Nadine loose, she is a lovely girl.

Game set and match Van Hartingsveldt 62 64

Irina Boulykina vs Maria Penkova

Maria is tiny. Irina isn't. Irina is great to watch, she has this expression that says "i really couldn't give a sh!t". She isn't flashy, she just smacks the ball, adn she certainly isn't elegant. She doesnt really run either, she just kinda takes big steps. But boy does she hit the ball hard. Plus, seh doesn't let anything get to her, seh just takes it all in her stride. The first set was really close, Penkova coming up with some nice shots, and dspite breaking to lead 2-0, found herself in a breaker. She went 6-1 up, and Irina saved two set potisn before hitting a forehand long. The start of the second set took ages, Penkova broke in the first game, and you could see she thought she had it won, but Boulykian just smacked the ball harder and reeled off 5 games in a row. Teh second was a real tussle, great tennis which went on well into the evening. Both had chances, and neither really deserved to loose (cliche alert) but Penkova did, and she was gutted. Irina didn't look as if she could care less, lol. Oh, and Irina is the only player i've seen who watches the other match beside her a)during the changeover b)before she bounces the ball to serve c) before her oponent serves and d)between all points

Game set and match Boulykina 67(3) 62 75

Sekulovski vs Srndovic

Sekulovski had heavy strapping on both her ankles, and she also lookes like a 10 year old boy! She really played a horrible match, and Srndovic was able to just sit back and have some fun while her Ozzy opponent hit shot after shot into the net or out. Beti got really down on herself, and got a couple fo warning for racket abuse (she threw one against the bafk wall, then on the floor), she was a bit of a mental case really, she started getting really down on herself calling herself "f*****g useless", seh never pumped herself up and it wasn't helping. Srndovic has a really nice game, adn stayed on court to watch a few games of her friend Boulykina on the next court. She even gave her the rest of her banana!!

Hawkins vs Froehlich

Anna played a great match, she was moving Jacqueline around the court, and coming into the net alot. She actually led 62 52, before Froehlich mad a minny comback to 5-4. Hawkins saved another couple of break points on her own serve, befor efinall puttin away a winner to claim victory.

Game set and match Hawkins 62 64

I won't be theer all day tomorrow beacsue I have school, but looking at the OOP i should see most things. I'll be there from 10-2, and then from 3:30 on.

Some titbits:

Elke is the invisible woman, she is nowhere to be seen. I saw her once today, snogging her boyfriend. I think she practised liek once and then left when she knew she wouldn't be playing today.

Amanda Janes was a very lucky girl. Shortly after takeoff, one of the engines on her plane burst into flames, and the Pilot had to land again in Stanstead with fire engines racing down behind the plane to put it out. Unsurprisingly, Mrs Janes wasn't too happy about flying again, so they got the train up and arrived late last night.

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thanx Paul :)

interesting read :)
and Irina....... too right :)

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I wish i knew more about teh technical stuff so i could mention that, as i know lots of you are probably hoping for more than "her forehand is nice". Oh and Eggy, Irina has dyed her hair ... again. It's now reddish-purple.

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Thanks again Paul!

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Jane :D

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Thanks a lot Paul. Great report and really interesting too :)

I'm almost certainly going along there tomorrow, but I'll leave the reporting to you ;)
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