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Who will reach the final?

  • Ostapenko

    Votes: 42 60.9%
  • Giorgi

    Votes: 27 39.1%
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Giorgi 0-6 6-4 6-1

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GOATmila Giorgi 62 63 or something like that

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I think when two players like this face each other it isn't so much who will hit the ball harder as much as it is who will handle their opponents pace better. It's a subtle difference but I think it is a significant one.
excellent point... and yes a subtle one. One lost it seems on many. One of the reasons Iga is as good as she is.. and has the results she has. It is the ability to adjust to pace.. handle it.. and overwhelm it.

3 big hitters she has met during this streak as she became a more aggressive player and less defensive or reactive she was in 2021 and early in 2022

Tauson.. outhit Iga and served huge.. Isner-esque. Especially when Iga had break chances. Simply outhit and outplayed Iga.. for one set... Iga made the adjustments to the heat was Clara bringing... and sent it back twice as hard and rolled Clara the final two sets

Samsonova... the same but with a twist. The more ominous for being on a very fast playing and slick surface likened to playing on a ice skating rink. Lost the first set.. won the next two as again. She adjusted and handled the pace being thrown at her. Especially on a huge server who was goating.. on a fast surface and still broke her multiple times over the final couple of sets.

Zheng.. she was not the high quality of Tauson or Samson in that Qiween took the first set more through Iga throwing errors out as part of that adjustment in handling her pace (along with some stress/pressure for sure). Didn't outhit Iga as Clara did but again once Iga adjusted to the pace she rolled Zheng the last two sets

I'm not sure either player tomorrow for that matter is really able to adjust like that... that failure in an ability to play smart or adjust is sort of shown in their wildly inconsistent play.. and results.

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If Giorgi wins this match she will achieve a new CHR #25 unless Haddad Maia wins the whole tournament. Giorgi vs Kvitova final guarantees Camila's new CHR.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts