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Who will reach the final?

  • Ostapenko

    Votes: 42 60.9%
  • Giorgi

    Votes: 27 39.1%
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a curb stomp.... Oyster in 2. She has awakened...
Yep.....storms to the Eastborne title, ....folks will say "she's back".......then she eats a water buffalo in celebration and can't win a match at Wimbledon.....glaring at umps, questioning every call, and calling her opponents, "classless" as she loses 6-2, 6-1 in R1 with 678 UE in two sets.:ROFLMAO:.....but she will "go for winners".....100%.

I DO like this girl on some level.....she is "can't miss TV".....too fucking funny. (can't wait for the outfit....will it be be a white potato sack?:unsure:)

Hope "Gandalf"....aka Papa Giorgi is on the scene for some good comic relief as well. Maybe 'Penko can kick the shit out of this clown if he gets out of line. THAT would earn Jelena a lifetime of stanning. :devil:
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