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Earlier with Graf, today with Dokic

Originally written in German by Dietmar Wenck

Heinz G?nthardt has hardly changed. His hair became somewhat lighter, but still longer than this the most 44-year old one(s). A man, who is recognized, - also now with the German Open in Berlin. G?nthardt finally was a successful tennis pro, particularly in the doubles, world master with himwas Hungarians in the 80er-Jahren three mark for Balazs Taroczy, won at the side of Martina Navratilova U.S. - and French Open. Above all however, he was the trainer of Steffi Graf, the nine times-y winner of the German Open.

There were hardly still contacts since the two ones separated in 1999 after eight years. "It is to Nevada" nine hours of time difference, he justifies, "and in Las Vegas, I simply visit also not once." Furthermore doesn't need to introducethemselves one, the cooperation always has been simple and harmonic. "It was some years of my life, but this phase is completed." It became more quietly about G?nthardt, hehad to get "ne respite once" and worked for UBS, the biggest private bank of the world. "Pure Banking", as he/it says. Heenjoyed the alternation, never lost the contact with the tennis, however, worked for Euro sport as a TV commentator. Since yearly beginning, henow takes care again of a protagonist of the scene: He takes care of the Belgraderin Jelena Dokic, that moved into the third round through a 7:6, 6:4 over Marlene Weing?rtner (Heidelberg) yesterday.

G?nthardt came to the job through coincidence, as he himself with a good friend, that former formula 1 pilot Enrique Bernoldi entertained. The Brazilian is the friend of Dokic. As he, that G?nthardt is free, almost heard be formality everything further. "We trained test-wisely together, it was fun, and we came to an agreement per handshake to first do further until end of the year." The favorable about the cooperation: You/they narrowly itself on 20 to 25 weeks in the year, often, the training takes place also in Monaco where G?nthardt lives. This means that the family father far too frequently is not separate from his/its wife, his two daughters and his son. "That was condition", he says.

However, however, he/it looks forward to the Diensreise tail of the Monatsnach Paris. At the 26. The French Open begin May there and "there I will probably see" Steffi. The 33-year old one will line up presumably in Paris with her husband other Agassi in the mixed doubles.
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