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1st round

Conchita vs S.Williams omg no comments i have no words...

Marta vs Gersi i like this match, but if she wins she will face Henin or Kournikova...

Arantxa vs Iva well other tought match, if Arantxa wins Kim is waiting in the 4th round...

Mariajo vs Watson Watson is a wc, it should be easy for Mariajo and in the next round Elena l or Gagliardi, if Mariajo were on form she could make it but right now...

Magui vs Grahame Grahame is palying a semis this week... and Magui has won just 2 games this season...*praying also*, if she wins she would have a open draw to reach 3 rd round and face dementieva, i thinkMagui can beat her... but well Magui is playing bad now...

Montolio vs Weingartner, i like it, in third round Meghann

Gala Leon vs Sucha & Cristina vs Diaz i think that Gala and Cris should win these matches, if they do they will meet so a spanird would be in 3 rd round....with Serena ( or Conchita ;)) waiting

Vivi vs Adriana Serra Zannetti, i think its a easy match for Vivi, then Amy or Nagyova :s

Nuria vs Jana Kandarr, i think Nuria is palying good and she has defeated Jana before so she can do it, then Schett... um in roland it was tied..

Eva vs Rittner, well no clue about this match...anyway its the debut for Eva in Australia

Anabel vs qualy, Anabel is palying pretty good right now so she should have not problems, then Daja, i think she can beat her with Sandrine waiting in 3 rd round. This is the draw that i like most, i can see Anabel vs Monica in 4 th round....

Anyway i think the draw was very bad for the spaniards... ¡Vamos!...

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Anabel, many thanks for the analysis.

Well, I was dreading Conchita's draw, and I understand now why. Isn't it a little unfair, to have such a draw? :(:(. Let's she what she can do, Serena isn't unbeatable...

Arantxa's first round is also tough, ufff, let's see.

Magüi should have better, well, we can't really have an idea about how fit she is. She has just played one match, very bad score, but she should win, altough I don't like much that she plays an Aussie in Australia, and that this Aussie is in the semis right now, but I'm confident (or want to be)

And I think the rest of the Spaniards can win their matches, although ones are more difficult than another, and I'm worried especially about the current form of Magüi, MJ, Ángeles and Cristina, but they should win, I think.

Well, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡VAAAAAAAAMOS!!!!!!!!! :):):)

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Well, I dont wanna be optimistic, but Serena retired with an injury in her ankle in Sydney... Conchi's chances to bt her could increase...I'm sorry for Serena though.

Vamos Conchita!
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