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Draw for Sanex Championships completed

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Go to the WTA site and click on photo gallery and you can view images of the draws and the new trophy!
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Coetzer has Davenport again? That's not fair!

This is going to be good.
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<img src="smile.gif" border="0"> WOW!!! Amanda actually got in! yay!!!
Probable great matches

16 Demetieva vs Clijsters, Dokic vs Shaughnessy<br />QF Capriati vs Mauresmo, Henin vs Williams*<br />SF Capriati vs Williams<br />CH Capriati vs Davenport

How can I pick Jenn to take out Serena? Serena hasn't played since summer. Notice that nip in the air? Serena may lose to Farina-Elia. You know how she can spray errors. If I thought Justine was healthy, I'd figure SHE'D beat Serena.

<br />* coming off injury vs. hasn't played in months. Likely will NOT be a high quality match, even if both win their openers.
I hope Serena practised hard... her draw is not an easy one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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