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Doubles Teams?

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What are the doubles team for 2002 next year???? A lot of questions for a lot of players like Sugiyama, Clijsters (maybe Sugiyama/Clijsters), Davenport, Po, Raymond and Stubbs?, Pierce, Schett, still the Navicarios?? etc...... I wonder what the match ups will be. Anyone know?? I think these are certain:

Kournikova/Hingis<br />Testud/Vinci<br />Pascual/Suarez<br />Black/Likhosteva
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I think I posted this earlier this month

There are questions concerning Lindsay Arantxa Jennifer Martina N and some others but look at most of the teams for 2001 and you´ll have those for 2001 ; there are only a few that will change due to retirement ( Anke/Babsi => Babsi/Silvia ) or injury or just personal problems whatever
The team to beat will be Raymond and Stubbs. They have been together so long (since 1996) and have no plans to split up. Rennae said earlier this year she intends to finish her career playing with Lisa.
i think lisa raymond and rennae stubbs would pair up..

also black and likhotseva (they always do....)

what im hoping is that martina gets back from her foot injury and team up with anna kournikova. those two have a great record together.

if the williams sisters pair up, i can see those three teams (lisa/rennae, spice girls, williams) competing for the slams...

oh and martina navratilova would probably play with sanchez-vicario still....

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i'd like to know if Lindsay will play double in 2002.i hope so,specially in grand slams! <img src="wink.gif" border="0">
I'm surprised none of the "top" doubles players snapped up Babsi. She's got a great record in doubles and I really believe with the right partner she will be a Grand Slam champion one day.<br />No disrespect to Sylvia, but I thought she would have been in demand!! It seems she's been looking for a new partner since the US Open (Anke hasn't played doubles since then), I was hoping Lindsay might have been the one!!!<br />Oh well....good luck to Babsi and Sylvia! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
I'm extremely curious who Sugiyama teams with, and IF Zvereva will return to Doubles??!!?!!?!?<br />I forgot about Rubin, Mauresmo, Henin etc... I wonder who they'll team or have temporary team with whoever is at that tourney.
Henin should definetly be with Shaughnessy, Rubin I think gets together with Callens ; Mauresmo isn´t interested in doubles and should be with Dechy only in the 5-6 big events and the rest just on a fun-basis

I´m curious to know about Sugiyama, Zvereva, Pratt, Davenport, Pierce, Sanchez, Capriati, Seles

There are some teams that have potential to surprise us - but GIRL let us know <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
Petrova/Serna will play some tournaments together, and who knows? maybe the rest of the season...
If Pierce comes back, I am thinking Pierce and Sugiyama may hook up because they have teamed before AND they did play a lot of doubles at tournaments consecutively until Pierce was out with her injury.

I dunno why Sugiyama and Clijsters stopped. They are good friends and they play well together. Maybe Clijsters wanted to concentrate with Fed Cup and preparing for WTA Championship. Sugiyama didn't play the same tournies with her near the end.
Martina and Arantxa are definately NOT playing together.
Clijsters and Sugiyama will team up together, they didn't split but their schedule didn't match for the last part of the year.

Rubin/Callens and Henin/Shaughnessy for sure.
Clijsters & Sugiyama are still playing together next year. The only reason they haven't been lately, is because Ai wanted to play a couple of Asian tournis whereas Kim wanted to play the European ones closer to Belgium.

I'd like to see Davenport & Raymond playing together next year, but I suspect Lisa will get back with Rennae. Lisa is a _much_ better player than Rennae and could do so much better with a different partner...
Davenport and Po i think may play together. They would be an effective duo. Much better than when Po was with Tauziat
Dokic/Martinez should be back next year. This year's FO finalists will be a real force on the clay.

We could also see a lot more of the Generali Ladies Champions, Jelena Dokic and Nadia Petrova.
I woder if Seles will play any doubles?And if she does with who?
Teams i know that are playing together:

Coetzer/Mcniel<br />Kournikova/Hingis(kournikova's coach is melanie, and anna and hinis are pals.)<br />Tuaziat/PO<br />Davenport/Morariu-if corina returns(hopefully she will)<br />Testud/Vinci<br />Maleeva/Carlsson
I don't think Corina will be back just yet hopefully in the future though!

How is Corina at the mo?Any info?
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