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<b>Carrasco/Lopez bt Moya/Corretja 7-6 6-4</b>
Pffff lol, what a disappointment. Anyways, best luck in the next round to Juan Ignacio & Alex

<b>Martin/Costa bt Olhovskiy/Shimada 7-6 6-4</b>
Well done Albertos! In the 2nd round they'll face the number 2 seeds :eek:

<b>Ruano/Suarez bt Augustus/Embry 6-3 7-6</b>
Vamos chicas! Go all the way! :D

<b>Testud/Vinci bt Bes/Nemeckova 6-3 6-1</b>
As expected, it was a very tough match for Eva & Lenka :(

<b>Barclay/Wheeler bt Cristina/Marta 6-3 6-3 </b>
Oh well, I hoped much more from this team
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