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(1)Knoll/Schuurs v Broady/Naydenova
Kerkhove/Marozava v Beck/Voracova
(4)Mertens/Watson v Gjorcheska/Komardina
Bacsinszky/Hingis v Marcinkevica/Witthoeft

Bencic/Sadikovic v Golubic/Pliskova
(wc)Hesse/Masarova v (3)Olaru/Savchuk
Kuncikova/Lister v Rae/Smith
(wc)In-Albon/Kung v (2)Hsieh/Niculescu

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Is Hsieh in the advance entry list with Siegmund? She said her partner was still playing singles (in America) and won't be available.

There were more than two teams entered on-site with singles or doubles ranking.

Not enough players in the advance entry list are present or the list was not full.

The combined ranking of Kuncikova / Lister is, for instance, 280 (119+161).

(G) On-site direct in team (Doubles ranking only)

(4) Mertens / Watson (G)
(2) Hsieh / Niculescu (G)

(O) On-site direct in team (Singles or doubles ranking)

Gjorcheska / Komardina (O)
Bacsinszky / Hingis (O)
Marcinkevica / Witthoeft (O)
Bencic / Sadikovic (O)
Kuncikova / Lister (O)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts